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Pump test bench

Pump test bench
  • Pump test bench
  • Pump test bench
  • Pump test bench
  • Pump test bench
Product code: 22658200001
Unit price: 25000 CNY  (3631.61 USD)
Price unit:
Minimum order:
Other info: 120000KG Green
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The test stand adopts advanced man-machine interface control system, full digital control of speed, temperature, pressure, pump technology parameters, screen display, convenient operation, truly interactive, the test bed using imported converter, communication to transfer data, widening aggravated bed, with ultra-stability, low noise, direct output, small deceleration value, high precision, automatic protection function, etc., is the domestic industry with products in the most advanced frequency modulation speed pump test bench.
The main function:
1, each cylinder fuel injection pump fuel supply and supply uniformity
2, the fuel pump and oil supply point angular intervals
3. Check and adjust the governor's job performance
4, the test adjustment of dispensing pump performance
5, test performance adjust supercharger compensator
6, measuring fuel dispensing pump back
7. Determination of the dispensing pump solenoid valve performance
8, dispensing pump various provisions under internal pressure measuring speed
9, check the measurement automatically advance the advance angle (optional)
10, fuel pump seal performance test
11, connected to the supply line can self-priming pump (including VE pump) to be checked
12, high-precision detection gear lever travel (optional)

Technical Parameters:
1 Measurement speed: 0-4000 rev / min;
2, the size of the cylinder each set: 45CC, 150CC;
3. Fuel tank capacity: 60L;
4, oil temperature automatic control: 40 ± 2 ℃;
5, the test oil filtration precision: 5μ;
6, to provide DC12V / 24V;
7, the oil pressure: Low: 0-0.4Mpa, high pressure: 0-4Mpa;
8, pressure: 0-0.3Mpa;
9, three-phase power supply: 380V / 50Hz or upon request;
10, the flywheel inertia: 0.8KG`㎡;
11, center height: 125MM;
12, the output power: 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW and 15KW or upon request;
13, the total size (MM): 2100x800x1700;
14, NW (KG): 1250.