Engine Cleaner

Engine Cleaner

Product description:

1, a unique jet -cycle filter, can make cleaning tank surface oil quickly and effectively discharged into the reservoir does not affect the normal development of ultrasonic waves, keeping the cleaning fluid cleanliness ;
2, tank stainless steel structure, acid, long life;
3, with a heating function, mechanical thermostat (0-100 ℃ adjustable) ;
4, with overflow, automatic water reservoir using separate ;
5, reasonable structure and beautiful, simple operation, stable and reliable performance .
Technical Parameters:
1, inside the cylinder size, ultrasonic power : MXD reference standard size, power and so on;
2, the circulating pump : stainless steel pumps, acid ;
3, external filters, stainless steel filter and standard filter, easy to replace ;
4, filtration accuracy depends on the filter, there is 5μm, 25μm, 50μm and other options .

The above parameters if they can not meet customer requirements, tailor-made according to customer requirements, and customer demand increased overflow, loop filter, with a basket or cylinder head and other work items .