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Direction machine test bench

Direction machine test bench
  • Direction machine test bench
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Multi-function test-bed is suitable for domestic and imported large, testing and adjustment of medium passenger and cargo vehicle hydraulic pumps, steering, and a small number of special cars, mini cars hydraulic direction detection, may need modification booster pump and connection direction machine, mainly used leakage to detect the direction of the machine; unilateral heavy, power steering pump pressure; all kinds of hydraulic flow, etc. the machine uses hydraulic steering system failure at any time to adjust the working conditions of the hydraulic system, the detection applicable load vehicle hydraulic steering and performance. test machine uses digital righteous table shows the torque, turning laps, work pressure and other parameters .

Technical Parameters

1. Working power : 380V50HZ three phase four wire; 2. pump : Three-phase motors ;

3. Power : 2.2KW; 4. Speed ​​: 1500r / mm;

5. Pressure range : 0-15MPa continuously adjustable; 6. torque : 0-4200N.m;

7. Gas source : 0 ~ 1MPa continuously adjustable; 8. turn laps: 0-9999.9 ring ;

9. Corner : 5; 10 hydraulic components :? 0 ~ 15Mpa