Pump test bench

Pump test bench

Product description:

The main technical parameters
1, transmission forms: Frequency
2, spindle rotation : Positive and Negative
3, spindle speed range: 0-4000 rev / min
4, motor power : 15KW
5, machine tank capacity : 80 liters
6, Dimensions : 1600X960X1750 (MM)
7, Net weight : 1300KG
Third, Features
Complete performance test various components of diesel engine lubrication system for the development of research and quality control provides a powerful means of detection.
1, oil pump : detecting pump speed, flow, pressure, power and related characteristics curve
2, Centrifugal Filter : detecting the rotational speed of the centrifugal filters, flow pressure and related characteristic curve
3, low oil pressure automatic stopping device : low oil pressure adjustment and testing of hydraulic and parking device acts completely stop time
4, the safety valve : Open hydraulic valve adjustment and testing
5, the regulator : the adjustment and testing of hydraulic pressure range and
6, CPU control measure, LCD liquid crystal display
7, automatic print
8, the network having a data transmission function
9, power AC380V1050Hz