12PSB-2 pump test bench

12PSB-2 pump test bench

Product description:

Type 12PSB-2 pump test bench is the perfect combination of motor and drive combination, with output torque, fast acceleration, deceleration values โ€‹โ€‹of small, high precision advantages.
Features :
1, the speed preset in ten stages
2, speed, count, temperature digital display
3, the fuel temperature control
4, the positive and negative pressure system is equipped with gas source
5, comes with 12V / 24V DC power supply
6, with over-voltage, overload, overheating protection function
1, the cylinder fuel supply under different speed test
2, static checking each cylinder injection time
3. Check the mechanical governor function
4, assign test pump solenoid valve
5, tightness of the fuel injection pump test
6, measuring in vivo distribution of pump pressure, back to the oil pressure
7. Check the pressure compensator performance
8. Check the performance of pneumatic governor
9, check the gas film negative performance governor