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Diesel vehicles fault diagnostic computer

Diesel vehicles fault diagnostic computer
  • Diesel vehicles fault diagnostic computer
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Other info: 1500KG
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Since diesel decoders into the market, with strong technology, not only with universal diagnostic testing, functional testing, component testing capabilities, and more important to have a unique advantage; Weichai original EOL dedicated instrument calibration function (adjusted idle transfer power, muting sensors) and Weichai Yuchai Euro IV detection function, its superior performance has been recognized by the market

Unique advantages

Weichai (PhD System) function test (start failure information compression test idle speed comparison test high-speed test accelerated testing off-cylinder test flow metering unit tests), calibration function: the power to adjust the air conditioning control idle speed adjustment exhaust valve brake cruise control function switch controls the engine start control of the engine intake air preheating control sensor engine idle speed after trimming PTO drive maximum speed limit speed sensor calibration feature CAN bus Open WP intelligent dual pedal control engine power saving switch parameters defined accelerator pedal correction fan control common rail installation

Denso QR code support cylinder pressure accelerated write-off test

Cummins support off cylinder pressure accelerated injector leak test

Iveco supports the idle adjustment diagnostics warning light fuel pump relay air conditioning compressor relay relay solenoid valve hot start hot start relay Cooling fan relay heated fuel filter preheating lamp glow plug warning lamp relay eobd cylinder shutdown

Xichai support off the cylinder component testing functional testing and QR code written

Heavy truck engine automatic transmission ABS Body support systems

FAW support new Williams (Dr. newest control system)

Dongfeng Chenglong Support (Yuchai serial protocol)

Yuchai support Delphi write QR codes

And supports all diagnostic domestic EFI Euro III Euro IV diesel vehicles


High-performance industrial laptop, run fast and stable

A key upgrade a key feedback

12V 24V battery can be tested heavy-duty diesel vehicles

Attractive appearance concise, easy to carry

Color display, touch screen operation

Good price

Bluetooth technology, wireless communication

Anywhere in a radius of 100 meters in wireless test for diesel vehicles

The main function

Read DTCs.

Clear fault codes

Read data stream

Action test

Read version information

Injector data

Programming VIN code

Leak Test

Test range 12V -24V