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Injector Cleaning Machine

Injector Cleaning Machine
  • Injector Cleaning Machine
Product code: 22656900001
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Purpose and scope

Automatic Injector Cleaner & Analyzer is mainly applied to automatically detect the EFI car injector cleaning and quality analysis.

Cleaner & analysis of the project include:

1. Analysis can detect 1 to 6 injector product quality conditions;

2. Detection nozzle drip, injection angle and injection of atomized state;

3. Test the fuel injection quantity and evenness injectors;

4. Automatic simulation, testing a variety of spray nozzle in constant, idle speed, the whole process of high-speed operation, but also can be used for manual transmission is detected;

5. blockage and faulty injector physical cleaning and chemical cleaning (ultrasonic cleaning, test cleaning);

6. injectors can do to avoid demolition cleaning function (need with face demolition cleaning joints);

7. detected fuel injection nozzle opening pressure and closing pressure.

2: Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 385 (W) * 447 (D) * 440 (H) tube Capacity: 120ml

The maximum number of cylinders detected: 6 System Hydraulic: 0-6kg / cm² (adjustable)

Weight: 35Kg Ultrasonic Frequency: 25KHZ

Power: AC220V ± 10% 50HZz 200W Ultrasonic Power: 70W

Work Environment: + 5ºC-40ºC speed range: 0-9950r / min steps: 50r / min

Relative humidity: (85% width: 0-20ms steps: 0.1ms

The external magnetic field strength: (400A / m record time range: 0-9950 times Step: 50 times

Fuel tank capacity: 4L system flow: 5L