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Common Rail Injector adjusting washer

Common Rail Injector adjusting washer
  • Common Rail Injector adjusting washer
Product code: 22656700001
Unit price: 2000 CNY  (290.69 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Adjusting washer is electrically controlled injector repair basic spare parts, adjusting pads now on the market from a few dollars to tens of dollars per piece range, quality is uneven. Providing quality products, mass production We can guarantee low prices of products, industry leading companies for many years experience in supporting professional experience and advanced equipment, technology to ensure product quality.

Quality adjustment features shims and test methods:

1, precision products

Accuracy is adjusting shims core requirements, accurate adjustment of oil products rely grouping to complete, we use high-precision optical fiber foot control grinding size, the product can be precision dimensional control in 0.002mm. In a clean room with two inspection a complete packet inspection method, a product from finishing to finished less than five measurements. (test method: using high-precision digital micrometer, measure the product requirements are the same size and the actual size, the same group of products are the same size).

2, the shape and position tolerances

Shims geometric tolerance is directly related to the quality of the fuel injector maintenance results; shims main geometric tolerance requirements: parallel, large pads will affect the product's seal, small pads will affect the reliability of the product . and stability of our high-precision double-sided grinding machine to ensure product parallelism, parallelism of the product controlled within 0.002mm; concentricity on the guaranteed concentricity using a molding process, in order to ensure a good product concentricity. (test way: parallel using a parallel tester, concentricity using the deflection device).

3, material and hardness

Adjust the gasket material and hardness relation to the durability and stability of the product. We use high-quality sheet, and advanced heat treatment equipment and technology.

4. Cleanliness

Multi-channel ultrasonic cleaning, clean room packaging, plastic boxes sealed package, good to ensure product cleanliness.