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Combined regulator test stand

Combined regulator test stand
  • Combined regulator test stand
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Governor test stand is commissioning a debugging platform check the performance governor is diesel locomotive repair factory, depot, in particular, the governor test equipment necessary professional factory built in function, performance on already the leading domestic level, can completely replace similar foreign equipment, to meet with the various types of diesel locomotive governor debugging requirements.
JXD joint regulator test stand vice- platform structure, it may be required to provide test various types of mechanical hydraulic governor speed, pressure and heated working oil; also available is required to test the governor power signal.
Governor digital simulation test bench control technology to achieve digital simulation locomotive diesel generator system, the governor of the test environment is approximately Governor and locomotive diesel engine with the machine actual working conditions. Test Stand is suitable for diesel locomotive Locomotive QJY-5, PGEV, PGMV, 302, joint regulator -B, C, D, and other models with a governor locomotive performance test and commissioning tests also apply to ships and generator sets with a mechanical hydraulic governor tests.
Based on test bench one operation, test bench has all the circuits malfunction protected against test-bed burning.
The main technical indicators regulator Test Bench
1, the working voltage: Three-phase AC 380V, 50HZ, 4KW;
2, the test speed range: 100 ~ 1250rpm;
3. Speed ​​Measurement Accuracy: ± 1 rpm;
4, the governor output displacement measuring range, accuracy: 0 ~ 40mm, 0.5 magnitude.
Main performance and functional regulator Test Bench
Test bed using speed motor as the drive motor, control system mainly consists of single-chip system, displacement sensors, speed sensors, a variety of potentiometers and switches and other components. Displacement sensor displacement signal output governor, speed sensor governor speed signal of the two signals and running speed potentiometer, load potentiometer voltage signal sent to the microcontroller system together, through simulation calculation, outputs a PWM control signal to the speed motor drive circuit to control the operating speed of the motor speed control motor After connecting shaft sleeve to rotate together to drive the governor.
In this test rig can complete governor governor following test:
1, the governor of running test: Speed ​​test done by various types of run-governor TSP provisions;
2, the speed setting test: can be tested for each type highest minimum speed governor tuning;
3, the static simulation engine idling speed performance test when: You can approximate the no-load operating conditions of the diesel engine, measuring the static volatility governor and other parameters;
4, lifting speed test: can achieve 16 level speed and variable speed conditions of swell, sags speed test, measuring the speed of soaring volume fluctuation frequency and settling time;
5, unevenness tuning: addition and subtraction can be simulated engine load conditions, and the test bench unevenness of the regulator (ie, static transfer rate) tuning;
6, subtraction load test: can simulate sudden, sudden discharge load conditions, the measurement of the maximum speed governor soaring volume, frequency fluctuations and settling time;
7, oil pressure, oil temperature measurement: working oil and hydraulic oil pressure test rig can be measured governor (oil temperature measured by a PTC surface thermometer, oil pressure measurement is measured by an additional pressure gauge);
Fourth, the run test