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PT Pump Test Bench

PT Pump Test Bench
  • PT Pump Test Bench
Product code: 22655900001
Unit price: 46000 CNY  (6688.19 USD)
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Other info: 150000KG Silver
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PT fuel pump test stand is Cummins (CUMMINS) PT fuel pump, provides test equipment calibration, with frequency variable speed, dual-rotor flowmeter, wide application, test multi-function, high accuracy measurement can be satisfied Cummins PT fuel pump test calibration requirements such as :. PT (G), PT (G) VS, PT (G) MVS, PT (G) SVS, PT (G) EFC, PT (G) AFC, PT (G) VS- AFC, PT (H) AFC, PT (R) VS and other fuel pump.

Test function :

1, a gear pump pressure, vacuum test ;

2, the idling pressure, flow test ;

3, throttle shaft leakage test;

4, each inspection point pressure, flow test ;

5, the weight of the pump to assist PT pressure test ;

6, AFC, ASA valve test ;

7, stop valve voltage test ;

8, EFC voltage, flow test ;

Technical Parameters:

1, the fuel flow rate calibration test 50 ~ 320,310 ~ 910 kg / hr

2, the fuel leak flow test 20 to 500 ml / min

3, the air flow rate of 40 to 400 ml test / minute

4, test rig Dimensions Length 860 * 700 * height 1920 mm width

5, the weight of 560 kg test rig