Universal hard bearing balancing machine lap belt

Universal hard bearing balancing machine lap belt

Product description:

The series is a horizontal hard bearing balancing machines, with roller bearing, ring belt drive, ordinary type of two-speed motor drive, A 'type of variable frequency motor plus inverter speed, industrial control computer data processing, real-time color screen display unbalance value, phase angle and real-time speed, overall casting bed are used widely used in motors, fans, diesel engines, auto parts and other industries, can be measured equilibrium in single, double and multiple correction surface, Suitable shaft, disk type and gravity overhanging rotor having high efficiency, precision, intuitive display, reliable quality, easy maintenance features, enabling rotor file editing, test results storage, printing, operate in all Chinese menu structure, human-computer dialogue, automatically prompts.

YYQ-50 (A) Universal hard bearing balancing machine

Workpiece weight range 1-50 kg balancing speed 300-2500r / min; A variable speed
Workpiece diameter 900 mm minimum achievable residual balance ≤ 0.5gmm / kg
Distance 80-800 mm unbalance between the two bearing reduction rate ≥ 90%
Shaft diameter range 10-80 mm Motor Power 0.75 (A type 0.75) kw
Circle with a diameter range of 18-250 mm drag at speed mode single-speed motor / A type Frequency