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Tank cleaning machines

Tank cleaning machines
  • Tank cleaning machines
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Washing machine according to the motor configuration is divided into single-phase 220V and three phase 380V two models, the external power supply voltage fluctuations can not be more or less than 5% of rated voltage.
Washing machine works
1. The washing machine is suitable for cleaning various models of diesel wagons. This unique product design, advanced technology, easy operation, can effectively remove the fuel tank in the magazine and water.
2. The machine in the cleaning tank, without removing the fuel tank and tubing, which works by pumping hose out of the tank of diesel fuel into a preliminary coarse filter canister filter, large particles of impurities and water out, then by After the gear pump pressurized canister into a fine, fine particles of impurities filtered out by depth filtration. After a two-stage filter clean diesel with 1 kg of pressure by the high pressure nozzle sprayed into the tank side chamber and dead ends, the fuel tank together magazines and muddy oil to 30 liters per minute flow loop filter eventually reached diesel tank clean.
3. Clean the tank time to decide how much and cleanliness of the oil in the reservoir tank, based on the experience shows the general store fuel tank cleaning time ≈ ÷ 30 liters / minute (5-8 times)
Method of operation
1. Direct cycle cleaning method 1) bent nozzle proper angle, insert side chamber through a circular hole in the partition;
2) The pump tubing inserted in the lowest point of the tank to be washed or side chamber angle hole;
3) Turn on the power, the switch to clockwise, namely washing machine normal cleaning direction;
4) Hand boom, with emphasis jet nozzle inside the tank and dead;
2. emptying cycle cleaning
1. Place a clean container into the tank below the bottom of the mailbox to open the oil discharge screw diesel all released;
2. Place the pump tubing into a container connected to the oil, the injection tube is inserted into the tank;
3. Turn on the power, the switch to clockwise;
The injector lever moves back and forth, so that the lower end of the fuel injector nozzle can be fully cleaned every corner of the tank, focusing cleaning tank wall and the dead within.
NOTE: Filtering out of magazines and water can lower portion of the canister through a window rough observation
1) a method, it is recommended first side of the tire paving 5-10 cm, so that the fuel tank has a certain inclination;
2) Clean the tank is determined by the length of time how much fuel inside the tank;
When using a rotary nozzle 3) fuel tank less than 1/2 or empty tank is cleaned;
4) extra fuel tank 1/2 recommend cleaning with direct nozzle
5) When cleaning the small tank port tank, the second method is recommended for cleaning.
1. unidirectional motor using three-pin plug, inverted switch can not cut off the power, the power plug when unplugging maintenance required, because the motor is equipped with start capacitor and running capacitors, capacitor discharge note;
2. The three-phase motor with four-pin plug, clockwise and reverse test after power needs to develop, will switch to any position, pumping diesel fuel from the tank is drawn clockwise direction;
3. If you experience difficulty in starting the motor, the operating weakness or normal operation shutdown, etc., mostly due to the power to fine diameter between the washing machine outlet, the line voltage is too low for too long and other causes, so please replace the large-diameter wires .
Filter replacement: When replacing the filter, the need to clean the machine diesel drained, as follows:
1) The pump hose and nozzle all the way out the oil so that it does not contact the diesel fuel;
2) open clockwise, until no more fuel injection nozzles so far;
3) On reverse, until no longer injector pump tubing up
4) Open the coarse filter drain valve, the inverted-switch to the inverted position, with the magazine's entire diesel exhaust, close the valve;
5) Open the fine filter drain valve, the inverted-switch to the clockwise position, with diesel exhaust all impurities, close the valve;
6) Open the fine to replace the filter canister.