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ECU brush writing tools

ECU brush writing tools
  • ECU brush writing tools
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Diesel system repair station tailored versatile solutions
Fast read Bosch ECU calibration data flashed ECU calibration data
ECU flashed error correction function to prevent ECU dead brush
MAP of simple and quick brush to write files, S19 file, Hex file
Weichai ECU parameters quick and easy calibration
Diagnosis and brush to write technical cooperation as one of the technical solutions
Truck diagnostic and repair station dedicated PC or laptop composed of simple
With variable adapter
Bluetooth wireless transmission distance up to 100 meters, the new technology greatly improve the sampling speed, its convenient, fast, and security features into a professional equipment repair station
Modified engine computer - 'brush ECU' lifting power
ECU can be modified to enhance the power, fuel-efficient, so why not the original car factory design?
Driving environment is not the same in all regions, diesel engine manufacturers in the tuning parameters are generally to be considered the engine in the most hostile environment or is not maintained for a long time the state also make cars in normal use, that manufacturers will be according to the most conservative There are many ways to design a space engine output, so that the original car and the car can bear the set limit
Brush ECU will increase fuel consumption it?
Brush 'ECU', its method is to use ECU brush writing tools and equipment to read the original car ECU program, then the program writes to brush into the car ECU
Software program modification is to supply and ignition curve re-match, as well as to adjust the many parameters, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the horsepower diesel car brush ECU. Increase the power by about 15% -30%
Heavy truck ECU brush effect is twofold, on the one hand can enhance the 30-100 hp power, on the other hand one hundred kilometers fuel consumption can be reduced 1-5L.
Let us take a 500 kilometers a day, a month 15,000 km of trucks, for example, one hundred kilometers to save 3L oil, diesel 7 yuan / liter, can save 35 yuan per day, can save 1,050 yuan per month, per year can save 12,600 yuan . After a lifetime upgrade, if the vehicle operator for 10 years, can benefit from an additional 126,000 yuan. fuel consumption and reduce power while enhancing, improvement in speed and load, transport efficiency is also improved.
ECU modifications have nay benefits?
Original solve many problems can not be solved, such as: low idle speed, easy to turn off, engine knock problem zone, automatic transmission shift shock and other problems;
By far the easiest, quickest and most effective way modified, without removing any of the original car hardware, just brush to write diagnostic tools and the car seat comes with connection to read and write by ECU ECU program
System is equipped with a list:

Computer diagnostic module
1 set
USB cable
Bluetooth USB Adapter
Test line
Standard round OBD 16 adapter cable
Diagnostic disc