Running pump hand pump test bench

Running pump hand pump test bench

Product description:

Running pump hand pump test bench, it is at a high temperature to pump the hand pump Reciprocating test, rival pump moving parts for wear and deformation were analyzed. Simple test bed structure, high degree of automation, safe and reliable, elegant appearance .

Test rig consists of chassis, fuel tanks, thermostat, time controller, heater and clamping gas path components.

1, three kinds of nylon clamp the lower clamping block, it is used to adjust the different pump hand pump test of height .

2, temperature controller, set the lower limit for the oil temperature control, refrigeration or air-cooled upper limit set temperature ( temporarily useless ) .

3, the time controller for setting the reciprocation time .

4, Toggle Switch, is installed pump, the cylinder is in the lowermost position, adjust the nylon clamp block, a hand pump in the lower limit position, at work without damaging the hand pump locking screw .