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Common Rail pump detector

Common Rail pump detector
  • Common Rail pump detector
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CPN-type high-voltage control pump tester kernel driver module uses ST (STMicroelectronics) Current modulus control chip, exactly the same control Bosch EDC7 electronic control system for the high-pressure pump, built-in current protection system user can be assured. Rail pressure and driving current digital display can be directly observed rail pressure and current changes will help maintenance personnel to quickly diagnose common rail pump failure.


1. For detection of electrically controlled pressure build-up and high-pressure pump seal performance test to determine whether the high-pressure pump is faulty.

2. for detecting rotor type electronically controlled high pressure pump flow rate stability.

3. The pump cylinder in-line high-voltage control bits uniform flow testing.

4. To test whether the rail pressure sensor failure, and linearity.

5. detect rail pressure limiting valve leaks and the presence of high voltage withstand capability.

6. fuel metering method can detect the existence of jamming and the coil is burned.

7. start online testing engine operating conditions, the idle speed, high-speed rail pressure to help maintenance personnel to determine fault.

8. The rail pressure can be controlled at different engine speed, such as starting condition, idle condition, medium condition, high speed conditions.

9. Forced control high pressure pump rail pressure in the engine, the pressure relief valve is used to repair rail catching brought fault, such as engine speed can only be maintained in 1500 or 1700, CPN available electronically controlled pump forced control rail pressure detector to detect and determine fault.

10. The common rail test bench can be used for home-made or modified in vintage rail test bench test bench, electronically controlled high pressure pump required by the CPN rail pressure measuring instrument control, common rail injector tester from the fuel injector fuel injection control volume size and operating frequency, the injector spray to oil introduced through oil collector cup tube, by contrast detection parameters injector is qualified formed a simple and practical common rail test bench, as small and medium sized school pump shop Master economic and affordable, so that everyone small investment big return.

By using the CPN-pressure pump high-pressure pump detector test can help determine the correct user a good common-rail diesel engine acceleration is slow, made sudden engine speed fluctuated, underpowered, black smoke, fuel consumption, start problems, such as failure whether they are caused by the high pressure pump. electronically controlled high pressure pump is maintenance necessary testing equipment.

Instrument parameters

Can detect Pump: Bosch CP1, CP2, CP3, Denso HP0, HP2, HP3, HP4, Delphi (Note:! HP0 flow testing capabilities to be customized)

Metering valve type: normally open, normally closed

Drive current: 0-1.8A accuracy 0.001A

Current Frequency: 165-195HZ

Response time: ≤0.1S

Rail pressure display: 0-2000Bar accuracy 1Bar

Instrument Power: AC220V

Operating temperature: -5C ° to 50C °