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Standard Injector

Standard Injector
  • Standard Injector
Product code: 22655000001
Unit price: 160 CNY  (23.25 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 100KG Black
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Standard injector datasheets

Name Performance / Parameters Standard low inertia injector Pintle standard injector Standard injector orifice plate
model ISO7440B64-20.7.
ISO7440B84-20.7 etc.
ISO7440A84-20.7 etc.
Opening pressure 20.7+0.3 Mpa.
25+0.3 Mpa
17.2+0.3 Mpa 17.2+0.3 Mpa.
20.7+0.3 Mpa
Aperture plate Ф0.4, Ф0.5, Ф0.6, Ф0.7, Ф0.8 no Ф0.4, Ф0.5, Ф0.6, Ф0.7, Ф0.8
Installation length


Dimensions 218 * 115 * 48mm 193 * 140 * 40mm 231 * 144 * 40mm
Applicable Pump Model PW, PB, PN, PW2000, P7100, BQ, etc. I, II, B, A, etc. A, AW, AD, I, etc.
Precautions 1, the opening pressure adjusted periodically. 2, a sudden change in fuel injectors, usually iron plates stuck in the hole. 3, the fuel injector open the cleaning When reassembling, can not be injection nozzles, orifice , high pressure tubing pick random change .