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RAT Common Rail System Tester

RAT Common Rail System Tester
  • RAT Common Rail System Tester
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High Pressure Common Rail fuel injection system tester function is to mimic diesel ECU (Engine Control Unit), offers six common rail injector drive control signal a common rail high-pressure pump, driving common-rail system to work, the drive signal parameters can be user-input, ease of maintenance personnel for common rail high-pressure pump and injectors judge and repair. RAT pressure common rail injection system tester with a standard high-pressure diesel injection test-bed joint work to meet the high-pressure common rail system and its components Most maintenance requirements.
Features are as follows: (1) the drive signal modulated to ensure maintenance of the common rail high-pressure pump and solenoid valve common rail injector security (2) by setting the duty ratio of the high pressure pump drive signals, you can adjust the load and the high-pressure pump rail pressure (3) injector drive pulse width and frequency is adjustable, thereby adjusting the fuel injection quantity (4) The instrument has a solenoid valve drive signals overcurrent protection function (5) Real-time measurement of the fuel rail pressure product features are as follows: (1 ) high-pressure fuel supply pump test (2) high-pressure pump oil pressure test (3) rail high-pressure test (withstand) (4) common rail injector fuel supply (5) Common Rail Injector opening pressure (6) common rail injector uniformity (7) The minimum amount of fuel injection common rail injector (8) The maximum amount of fuel injection common rail injector (9) simultaneously measure 4-6 injector (10) Injector Running fast (11) high-pressure pumps fast run-in (12) to simulate the working time for testing to test the pump: ①BOSCH CP1 / CP2 / CP3 can test injector: ①BOSCH ②DELPHI ③DENSO

Functional characteristics:
• Integrated injector pump control module and a control module
• pump control module includes 2 independent controlled PWM output, the rail pressure sensor signal input, while the new drive 3 DRV valves function
• injector drive module, including 1-way solenoid drive output and 1 channel piezoelectric crystal drive output
• 5.7 'large-screen display, and manipulation easier and more intuitive
RAT Applications

Pump control
• Testing the target pump products
• Bosch (Bosch)
• CP1 pump
• belt off the cylinder valve type
• Without breaking cylinder valve type
• Inlet low pressure regulator valve type
• CP2 pump
• CP3 pump
• Delphi (Delphi) CRSP pump
• Denso (Denso) HP3 / HP4 Pump
• Siemens (Siemens) DCP pump
• A PWM drive signal output two independent user self-regulation for Siemens DCP pump
• New DRV can drive 3-way valve function, by the second path independent PWM drive signal to achieve, by measuring the different speed, different rail pressure high pressure pump high-pressure oil flow measurement, the ability to achieve the high-pressure fuel supply detect
• You can monitor the fuel rail pressure
• A fuel rail overvoltage protection software based

Injector control

• Test Target Injector Product
• solenoid control
• High voltage drive
• Bosch (Bosch) Injector
• Denso (Denso) Injectors
• Low-voltage drive
• Delphi (Delphi) Injector
• piezoelectric crystal control
• Siemens (Siemens) piezo injectors
• injection frequency and fuel injection pulse width adjustable
• The drive signal with short circuit protection
• A complete connector