Plastic mold, plastic mold, injection molding, assembly of finished products

Plastic mold, plastic mold, injection molding, assembly of finished products

Product description:

Sort: Vertical Quality System: ISO9001 The number of processing equipment: 15
The main processing equipment: cnc Custom processing: Process Type: Injection Molding
Scope: household appliances, food, automotive, electronics, instrumentation, daily necessities, handicrafts, tableware, gifts Mold material: customer specified Processing capacity: Excellent technical tip
The number of mold parting surface: a Cavity number: single cavity mold Die Installation: fixed mold

Business Scope Injection mold, plastic mold, plastic mold and product processing
Processing capacity Mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding
Mold material

50 # quenched, quenched and tempered 60 #, 40CR quenched, P20H, 718H, 27382316, S136 for you to choose, mold: 50 # Pre-hardened

cooling system Optimization design of water recycling, increase productivity, reduce your costs

Nitriding nitriding temperature is low, the deformation is small, no longer the need for quenching high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear

The plastic forming theory and experience to design precise molding cavity size, to ensure that the product is cooled amorphous, does not generate much resistance. In order to meet market demand, improve the utilization of the production line has successfully developed a dual-chamber into the mold cavity four main sections and Auxiliary profile die. dual chamber main profile die with a convenient operational features stable production. Factories have been respected 'science and technology are primary productive forces' of the maxim, technology and development, quality and customer, a reasonable cost, sincere cooperation with customers.