Glue gun battery, wireless hot melt glue gun, a portable cordless glue gun

Glue gun battery, wireless hot melt glue gun, a portable cordless glue gun

Product description:

Colour: Yellow pink orange black weight: 105g
power: 4.5v ~ 6vDC model: LJ-0013
specification: 160 * 130 * 38mm Brand: Heat source
voltage: 4 AA batteries Materials: PA66

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4 on the 5th battery lasts 90 minutes

Easy to carry, is your best choice

Floral Arrangement
Custom Jewelry
Ornament Design
Caulking Sealing
Gift Wrapping etc

Glue gun battery Instructions

  1. In the direction of 'PUSH' bottom glue gun marked pushed open the base of the battery compartment cover.
  2. Four on the 5th (AA) alkaline batteries, positive (+) and negative in accordance with the battery cover edges marked (-) battery into the battery direction indication.
  3. Battery cover, heard 'Ka' soon after, in the direction of 'LOCK' glue gun marked the bottom of the push-back, fastening lid.
  4. The switch is turned on, pushing the ON position, the red light indicates you can use (if the red light does not light, check the battery in the wrong direction, the battery cover there is irrelevant).
  5. The glue gun placement, wait at least three minutes warm-up, you can use. Squeeze the trigger when using glue gun, you can control the plastic!

** Note: When you use the battery is low, it will take longer (about 3 to 5 minutes) ** warm-up time.

After use, the switch is turned off, pushed to the OFF position.