Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Metal Roll Forming Machine, Four Roll, 185*460*500mm

Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Metal Roll Forming Machine, Four Roll, 185*460*500mm

Product description:

Detailed Product Description

Reversible Cold Rolling Mill Metal Roll Forming Machine, Four Roll, 185*460*500mm

1. Technical parameters
  1. Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel.
  2. Blank specification: ≤4.0mm, Width≤420mm, Coil ID: φ508mm, Max weight: 6000kg.
  3. Products specifications: ≥0.6*400, Coil ID: φ508, Max coil OD: φ1500
  4. Rolling force: p≤400T.
  5. Rolling speed: ≤150m/ min.

2. Component and parameters

a. Mainframe specifications: φ185/ φ460*500 Four roll reversible cold rolling mill.

b. Transmission way: working roller drive.

c. Press device:

Press motor: power 15KW*2, 6 class.

High-speed gear box: WS210, I=41, center distance A= 210mm.

Low-speed gear box: second enveloping worm gear and worm, center distance A= 315mm, Mn=14.5mm I=40.

Press screw: S160*6, press speed: 0.058mm/ s

Press box: steel castings

Frame parts:

Two sets closed arch, column section 250 x 350, ZG35.

Windows boarding: overall processing, manual stroke

d. Roller parts:

Working roller* width of the roller: φ185*500mm, Material: 9Gr2Mo

Bearing: compound tiles needle bearing

Support roller* width of the roller: φ460*470mm, Material: 9Gr2Mo

Bearing: FC special bearings for rolling machine. Bearing lubrication way: grease lubrication. Roller change way: hydraulic change support roller.

e. Main transmission parts: Main motor type: Z4-355-12 series DC motor, P=355KW, 750/1500r/ min, 440V 877A

Main reducer: ZDY450, I=5.6

Gear box: center distance A= 230mm, Mn=10mm.

Reducer, the box lubrication way: thin oil splashed lubrication.

Transmission shaft type: special metallurgy cross gimbal pick axis SWC200

Base: fission steel structure welding parts.

3. Tension winder: Four pyramidhydraulic winder (2 sets)

a. Reel diameter: φ508*500.

b. Inflation/ reduction capacity: ≥25mm (φ485~φ510) .

c. Hydraulic push, hydraulic small car, hydraulic inflation/ reduction.

d. Max coil weight: ≤6000kg.

e. Tension: T≤3000kg.

f. Main motor: Z4-250-42series DC motor, 160KW, 1000/2000r/ min, 401A.

g. Deceleration machine: ZQ750 I=15.75. .

4. Thickness gauge: QNT-2 type Ray Thickness Gauge (user self-provided)

5. Electrical control system:

a. Use eurotherm electric company original European 590 system. Relay control system adopts PLC, tension participation. Coil diameter changes with constant tension control and implement track, with operate box, current and speed, tension, thickness of digital display, it has the function of protection.

b. By Siemens electrical appliances

6. Processing lubrication station (user self-provided)

Lubrication station is mainly to roll the lubrication system and rolling steel belt lubrication system, cooling lubrication pump station, including medium for emulsion lubrication.

7. Wearing parts and information:

  1. Supply parts list provided.

b. Provide equipment instructions and control principle diagram

8. Installation and commissioning:

a. For months to advance the provision of equipment installed base map, forming the basis for the implementation of the second casting.
b. Equipment to the scene after the party responsible for the installation guide.

φ185/ φ460*500 Four roll reversible cold rolling mill




Main machine


2 pics

Frame sectional area 250*350mm, assembles.

Press device

2 sets

Including the press motor, 1 class worm gear box WS210, 2 class 315 worm gear reduction box, press nut, screw, coupling and base.

Roller system

1 set

Including the work roll*2, supporting roller*2 and bearings, bearing blocks, linings, window boards, roll balance .etc.

Main transmission parts

1 set

Including the Main Motor (Z4 DC, P = 355kw) , main reducer, ZLY450, teeth box, universal joint cross shaft SWC200, coupling and so on.


1 set

Split-type steel welding plate.



2 sets

Include base, spindle, cylinder, couplings etc

Coiler motor

2 pics

Z4DC, 160kw


2 pics

ZQ85 modified box, box homemade

Feeding small car

2 pics

Up-down/ back-forth lifting/ moving, oil pump, track.

Hydraulic pressure station

1 set

Including the accumulator, contact monometers, unloading equipment, relief valve, filter device, the system pressure shunt etc.

Electric control system

1 set

Including electric cabinet, the operation box etc. , using 590 control, controlled by PLC

Thickness gauge (user self-provided)

1 pics

QNT- 2 type I rays.