Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine, Roll Form Machines

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine, Roll Form Machines

Product description:

Detailed Product Description

Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine with New Station Model, Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

1. Main Technical Specification:
thickness: 0.8-1.5mm
speed: 15 m/ min
roll station: 28-48 stations
main power: 7.5KW*2 motors
hydraulic power: 5.5KW
control system: PLC Panasonic
Drive: by chain

Woking flow: Hydraulic decoiler/ passive decoiler-feeding-rollforming-length measurement-hydraulic cutting- run out table

2. Production Characteristic and use:
The metal deck roll forming machine adopt new station, it increases the strength of the machine; ; the metal deck end product widely used in floor flat, after make dots of the sheet it can increase of friction between the steel and concrete, thereby increasing the floor of the fastness