Shenzhen peanut bags, peanut bags, yin and yang bags, aluminum foil bags, food bags factory in Shenzhen City

Shenzhen peanut bags, peanut bags, yin and yang bags, aluminum foil bags, food bags factory in Shenzhen City

Product description:

Division I professional production of various plastic packaging products, such as: food bags, tea bags, snack food bags, aluminum foil bags of seed bags, standing zipper bags, vacuum pumping, static bags, automatic packaging volumes film bags, drink bottles labels, toys and crafts bags, special bags, plastic adhesive labels, automatic packaging volumes film, PVC shrink labels... and a variety of printing copper. The company has a full set of domestic advanced level of sophisticated equipment and advanced production technology, improve the means of detection, so that product quality has reached advanced domestic level. Company production of packaging products cover all areas of daily necessities, food, daily necessities, hardware tools, stationery, apparel, hosiery, as well as supermarkets and other pet supplies . triangular envelope, the envelope, self-reliance bags, side sealing bags, side seal bags, standing zipper bags, cooking bags, boiled bags and packaging areas of PE used in clothing zipper bags, zipper bags, slip pockets, buckle handbags, patch bag, wearing rope bag, Elevators bags. The company has production. The company's products win reputation in the market, products are exported to Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Western Europe and North America and other countries and region The company has advanced production equipment: automatic high-speed computer controlled gravure printing machine, automatic high-speed laminating machine, CNC slitting machine, more than the entire computer speed bag machines, products sold at home and abroad!

First: density, high specific strength, you can get a higher yield of packaging, packaging volume per unit mass of the size or packaging.
Second: most plastics chemical resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, various types of organic Rong agents, long-term placement, oxidation does not occur.
Third: easy molding, forming energy required is less than a fourth of steel and other metal materials with good transparency, easy coloring.
Fifth: good strength, high strength performance per unit weight, impact resistance, and easy modification.
Sixth: low processing costs.
Seventh: excellent insulation properties.