Supply column bags inflatable bags, inflatable bags Shenzhen electronics, light transport bag, teapot bags, wine bags

Supply column bags inflatable bags, inflatable bags Shenzhen electronics, light transport bag, teapot bags, wine bags

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Buffer inflatable bag

Column packing bags, replace the 21st century styrofoam, hard pulp, corrugated, hard sponge. New products such as packaging products, while reducing the user's unit costs, and comply with environmental protection. Widely used in microelectronics , precision instruments, medical equipment, household appliances, digital products, and other goods the fragile lining of protective packaging gas bags, takes advantage of LLDPE and NYLON fit, having tensile and equalization characteristics, excellent surface printability, is a medical grade substrates, through continuous lamination, forming airtight inflatable column, the protective film is made of the machine column protective pouch. use 'gas bags' to replace the existing styrofoam, EPE, paper type the package is the most economical and most environmentally friendly way, and to simplify the packaging process, saving space while protecting effect of the product is better, collision, move, drop are easily damaged. Air-w bags by 95 % air and 5% of the film composition, the material is not completely flat before inflated, compact size, space, save a lot of material storage space and reduce storage and transportation expenses. Under normal conditions of use, column gassing pocketed lets you save 15% to 40% of the overall cost. airbags bags can indeed protect the packaged product, not only filling, support. and conventional fillers comparison, not because of a large gap in the package box while in transit items often shift damage, even suffered external compression, airbags body design can also use air to disperse the pressure to avoid damage. airbags durability (inflatable 0.05mpa, pressurized 0.5kg within June leakage at 8% or less) while each bag at least one column can withstand at least 100KG weight without breaking. And when a column after being torn because of sharp objects, and does not affect other gas column, can still continue to serve as the product close cover, do not waste space, small, narrow carton size; Increased load number, you can use a smaller volume to provide the same product seismic protection, significant savings carton materials and merchandise distribution costs. This product does not require mold costs, customer requirements can own body contained an amount of clothing, can easily transform a different style, product delivery time is short, widely used in the packaging of each product, the customer the best packaging products.