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Eagle Rock outdoor quick-drying men's long-sleeved fast-drying suits suit quick-drying shirt women short-sleeved large spring and summer fast drying clothes

Eagle Rock outdoor quick-drying men's long-sleeved fast-drying suits suit quick-drying shirt women short-sleeved large spring and summer fast drying clothes
Product code: 22621200030
Unit price 39.6-47.58$
Sold quantity 22764
Available stock 5323

Product parameters:

  • Applicable to: couple
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Pants length: two (removable)
  • Fabric Technology: Other
  • Price range: 501-1000 yuan
  • Material: nylon
  • Color classification: classic version - khaki - men's classic version - Jun green - men's classic version - dark gray - men's classic version - Rose - female models classic version - Jun green - female models - blue - Professional Edition - Army Green - Men's Professional Edition - Dark Gray - Men's Professional Edition - Rose - Women's Professional Edition - Army Green - Women's Professional Edition - Blue Green - Women's Edition - Dark Gray - Men's Upgrades - Army Green - Men's Upgrades - Blue Green - Men's Upgrades - Rose - Women's Upgrades - Army Green - Women's Upgrades - Blue Green - Female
  • Brand: Agleroc / Eagle Rock
  • made in China
  • Item No .: 503603
  • Function: anti-UV breathable wear-resistant dry ultra-light pest control
  • Sports outdoor projects: picnic camping mountain climbing on the beach drifting driving
  • Tag price: 1256
  • Size: S 'Attention to buy 2 sets to send tents' M' hot sets, in short supply 'L' US 3M fabric 'XL' behind the three-stage breathable 'XXL' lined with mesh, professional version of armpit breathable 'XXXL' Buy today to send fly towel '
  • Product series: quick clothes
  • Season: spring and autumn summer season

The whole network selling hot clothes, the new professional version shock listed!
This year, raw materials and labor costs soared, the classic version of the clothes and pants are sold 168 yuan, 249 yuan package is very cost-effective.
Professional version of the cost is four times the speed of ordinary fast clothes, for the new and old customers love, special offer 298 yuan a set!
Clothes complex process, the choice of materials for the American Mountaineering Association for quick-drying fabric 3M
Cost is expensive! So the price is slightly higher than the ordinary speed dry clothes.
(Upgraded version)
Due to the majority of customer needs, strongly urged the treasurer to the professional style shirt with the classic version of pants together, both fabrics, the same as 3M speed dry fabric, underwear are two detachable, this set of well received by ALICE, Here is the price of 278 yuan, like the pro quickly hurry down the next single bar
(Professional Edition)
1. Thousands of times to play version, improvement, achievement professional version, a few days on the line will be robbed of light!
2. Top two detachable, self-created underarm breathable system, real-time to keep fresh, pants can not be demolished, men's distribution belt
3. clothes, pants using the United States climbing Association dedicated 3M speed dry fabric 'quick dry, anti-fouling, scratch]
4. zipper with custom zipper, pocket with special pressure plastic pocket
5. SEAM-LESS seamless technology zipper and clothing seamless suture, this technology is currently only high-priced Jackets will be applied
6. Cost is four times the speed of ordinary dry clothes, new and old customers for the feedback, this offer 298 yuan a set!
(Classic version)
1. Two parts can be removed, one clothing two wear
2. Using the American Mountaineering Association for 3M speed dry fabric
3. Multi-function three-dimensional pocket
4. Back three-stage breathable
(Treasurer voice)
Love outdoors love life, quality ALICE, choose the quality of equipment!
3M quick drying your quality preferred!