Supply | galvanized coils

Supply | galvanized coils

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Details of galvanized volumes Supply
  • Brand / Manufacturer: Xinyu
  • Name: galvanized steel

Supply galvanized coil

Shandong Xinyu Steel Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful scenery, known as 'the first Chinese opera' in Guan County, Shandong, the company close to the Handan-Jinan Railway, green and blue high-speed Highway 329, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Our science and technology as Pilot professional production of high precision galvanized steel, galvanized sheet and galvanized plate, production range, the thickness of 015mm - 13mm width 500mm - 1250mm, widely used in pre-painted substrates, automotive, construction, household appliances, industrial instruments and other industries. The company's main export product specifications for 750mm, 762mm, 914mm1000mm. 1219mm. 1250mm... export to Vietnam, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Galvanized pressure tile thickness 0.15-0.5mm special specifications, 1000/900, 1000/914 900/800 914/800 762/680 762/665 ('/ means' pressure' W) uphold the 'honest and trustworthy, the intentions of services' The purpose of welcoming new and old customers to visit and negotiate business, create brilliant contact the following:

Contact: Wang He

Tel: 13455415242

E-mail:. Gxxyzg @ 163 com

Q Q: 1637761955

Welcome to the new and old customers call to discuss!

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