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Man playing walnut


Man playing walnut walnut is performed after special type of selection and processing characteristics of the formation of collectible walnut. It requires a deep clear textures, and each pair of text to play Walnut similar to the texture, the same size, weight quite, so this takes a big effort to make up a pair of children, coupled with carefully crafted craftsmen and old red after years of playing with form, it is even more precious. Man playing walnut and walnut to eat the biggest difference lies in the selection, oil, playing, Different aspects of the collection and trading on.

Walnut Tree

table of Contents

    • 1 Introduction

    • 2 Origin

    • 3 Origin

    • 4 Man playing walnut wholesale land

    • 5 walnut effect

    • 6 pick Skills

    • ▪ tactile

    • ▪ smell

    • ▪ Hearing

    • ▪ Vision

    • 7 major categories

    • ▪ iron walnut

    • ▪ Catalpa child

    • ▪ J.hopeiensis

    • ▪ Shaped

    • 8 stress

    • 9 terminology introduced

    • 10 Lionhead

    • 11 walnut lion head - 'Maro four' walnut

    • 12 walnut lion head - 'knife' walnut

    • 13 walnut lion head - old lion head walnut

    • 14 Categories

    • 15 official hat walnuts

    • 16 heart-shaped

    • 17 Carving

    • 18 walnut pack slurry

    • 19 Other information

    • ▪ selection

    • ▪ size

    • ▪ Cleaning

    • ▪ oil

    • ▪ Store

    • ▪ scars

    • ▪ market

1 Introduction Edit

Man playing walnut

Walnut, while a food, but it is also a small antique row collection of species, the trade is called Man playing walnut.

First, the texture must be particularly profound. Second, we must at the time of walnut immature, probably seven or eight mature, the walnuts off to find two size, pattern, size or weight are the same. Finally, we need through dozens In the play, walnut color from light to dark, and finally to the old red.

Rub in the hands of some old walnut, make some hand movements while exercising the brain, the purpose is to reduce the rate of aging. Today, fans of some collections, a collection of some strange shape of the walnut, but called Man playing walnut.[1]

2 Origin Edit

Play Nuclear

Catalpa child

Peach's initial goal is to keep fit. Modern science has proved that rubbed walnut can delay aging body, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke avoid a significant role. In particular, some long engaged in desk work crowd, playing more from walnuts to medicinal properties, the effect of prevention of occupational diseases. In addition, by playing a pair of ordinary walnut longstanding become crystal clear, it has become a good work of art.

Playing walnut pecan much taken from the wild, from 2005 onwards with the increase in walnut playing favorites of the crowd, part of the artificial pecan grafting also appeared in the market, but their texture and product phase is relatively poor. Playing walnut origin and different species, divided into hemp walnut, catalpa son walnut, iron walnut three categories.[2] J.hopeiensis includes lion head, tiger, Rohan head, heart, son caps, official hat, etc., playing walnut walnut hemp is a high-grade type, general market price between 100-4000 yuan. Catalpa sub walnut relatively civilians Although the price is cheap, but also Man playing walnut walnut walnut addition to food, there are about 100 kinds of size disparity, thick-skinned, a large, multi-folds, strange shapes and graceful lines of the walnut, walnut can do this kind 'hand therapy walnut', but also do engraving walnuts, both for people to watch, but also as a favorite, so much that people of all ages.[3]

Hand therapy walnuts', also called 'fitness walnuts', also known as' Zhangzhu' ancient called 'rubbing hands walnuts' Looking back, it originated in the Han and Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties popular, popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Two thousand years of history is not bad vibe, forming the world's unique Chinese walnut culture.[4] Throughout the ages, from the emperors, Romantic, down to the courtiers Xiaoli, civilians, all for one

Man playing walnut

Of exquisitely carved, bright as a mirror of walnut and proud. Especially in the Ming and Qing dynasties, playing walnut reached its peak. Tianqi Emperor Zhu from the school not only playing walnut their hands, and hand surgeon carved walnuts. So there 'play walnut forgotten affairs, Zhu Yu case penned by the school 'unofficial folk Qing Emperor Qianlong spread not only appreciate everyone walnuts, walnut reportedly had also praise poetry: Pocket spin sun and the moon, I want to turn back time Chung whole body blood, HE In a bald?

To the late Qing Dynasty, the palace enjoying even more in the hands of the wind walnuts with a pair of good walnut became a symbol of social status and taste at that time was the capital had rumors: Baylor Sambo hand, pull that, walnuts, cage birds every emperor or empress birthday, ministers will be chosen as a birthday gift boutique dedicated walnut, walnut hand rub value is evident.

Beijing Palace Museum still holds more than a dozen hand to rub walnut, its color is reddish brown, are stored in a carved rosewood box. Inside marked 'a Baylor Christine into' a prince ready 'message.

Intrauterine rub walnut wind, naturally also affected the civil society will be divided into several categories of people, who will play with walnuts in first place, namely: literati play walnut, Takehito turn iron ball, the rich hides gourd, idlers go walk the dog ( refers to the custom of the time). Today, Tianjin still the hand rub walnut called 'Man playing walnut', that is derived from this.

3 Origin Edit

Walnut widely distributed in China, north to Heilongjiang, south Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, west, east Shandong, Liaoning, the country most of the region has a walnut [5] Distribution. As for compliance with the standard text to play walnut distribution, mainly produced in north, northwest, northeast and southwest

Man playing walnut (9)

Among them, Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi and other places of the most prominent text to play walnut quality, but also the traditional varieties of origin. Climate, the environment is conducive to the growth of text to play walnut planting.

Northwest China, including Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places. Shaanxi Qinling mainly produced lanterns autumn walnut, bigger in size, shape and full, more glitches. Yield is high. Luonan County, Shaanxi Shangzhou ancient town [6] It is also an important production base of walnut Shaanxi other regions also produce other varieties official hat, head is too large, shape, cortex and Beijing and other places of official hat difference larger part of the mountain. Xinjiang also has wild pecan, walnut varieties belong autumn, quality in general. circumstances Gansu, Ningxia almost.

As compared with the Northwest Shanxi walnut'd have some remarkable Shanxi son cap.

Man playing walnut (8)

Official hat, lion head is still traditional varieties especially good near mountain Hebei walnut production quality far as I know should be full of wild species.

Northeast China, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, mainly produced in autumn walnuts Yield and Quality of Jilin are quite good. Actually not as good as walnut wood walnut northeast famous, we know 'Akiko wood' is produced Akiko walnut trees, wood hard, beautiful lines, most used for furniture legs.

Man playing walnut best varieties are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei mountains, here are a few varieties known origin and produced:

Beijing Pinggu: history is on Pinggu Man playing walnut walnut main producing areas, first, because of its distance from the text to play walnut major cities Beijing, Tianjin, more recent, in the middle of the two cities but also to facilitate the circulation of the most famous walnut trees. stuffy tip lion head, that we are talking about

Man playing walnut false resin (9)

The four buildings, the tree is dead, we see a lot of boutique Lionhead century, are the product of this tree, grafting due to the development of technology, has been grafted varieties appear (also referred to four buildings grafted ), but the personal feeling is the lack of goods with the charm of old trees, trees shape and there are some differences in the next few years there will be some stuffy tip grafting Pinggu Lionhead appear. In addition Pinggu official hat is also very famous, is traditionally appearance standard, since basically wild, so production is not high, tall nor big.'ll see some Pinggu Lionhead produced on the market, cortex hard, good lines, belly, large base, is The main feature.

Hebei Laishui, probably only a decade ago, Laishui influence China is destined to become the most important market in walnut areas due to soil and climate is very suitable for planting Man playing walnut, a dozen years ago insight Planting began brewing. As of 2012, formed a stone Town color Shue, Lou Village Southampton Village, Tiger had Zhuang, Xian Zhuang, Taiping Village, Changan village as the center of the country's largest Man playing walnut cultivation base. grafting A thousand walnut trees, with heart-shaped, lion head, tiger, son caps and other varieties. wheat tiger, white lion head, Laishui son caps are varieties of this region, stone color Shue Town is the village People are planting hemp walnut neighboring villages Chang An village is very safe form of hemp walnut base village formed a complete industrial chain, which for several years in the text of playing on the walnut market really beautiful one.

Beijing is also a major walnut Mentougou origin, varieties very much, mainly lion head, tiger

Train themselves

Etc .. The production is not high, especially in 2012, in the case of widespread national walnut yield, but yield mediocre Mentougou. Mentougou native people are the most valuable know Man playing walnut, mountain farmers, almost able to talk clearly and logically a few words. Because of the climate, the soil is very suitable for planting walnut, from 2008 onwards in a large number of grafted walnut Mentougou locals awareness of the value of the common walnut high, walnut and thus lead to care has become a very important issue . Mentougou stuffy tip lion head has disappeared, and the tip of Pinggu stuffy different, Mentougou stuffy tip lion head, more poetic, more rosy color beautiful, daisy base lines, small navel, shape is also very low. Other varieties touches relatively rare.

Tianjin, North China, Tianjin, which is the only walnut origin, famous endless varieties, but also the 2010 grafted walnut main origin. Jixian beautiful walnut rough shape, clear lines, since adjacent to Beijing's Pinggu geographically, walnut also has similar characteristics Traditionally Jixian winding cap is the most famous son. People call winding son cap (including triangular son cap), that is, we put a cap Monkey House's son, personally think that is called 'son of Jixian cap' is more appropriate, shape is also relatively high, rarely more than 40. In addition Maro four lion head, huangyaguan tiger is more famous because of variety, there are several varieties Lionhead not presented them here

Hebei Chengde, is the traditional walnut Man playing a major producer, but in recent years some have been ignored, may be the cause yield Chengde production lion head, son caps and other fine varieties, there Akiko. Lion head, the base large, beautiful short, belly Large, slightly lighter lines, bigger in size less. Traditionally, Chengde son cap is also more famous, but in recent years is very rare.

Zhangjiakou, Hebei, this area numerous wild pecan, because of traffic inconvenience, few cognitive and found great potential. The most famous is the Zhuolu County, South will stone lion head, rough shape, texture delicate beauty, big buckle end, diamond navel, four mouth, distinctive characteristics, yield rare. become very hot varieties in recent years. As far as I know, Zhuolu County also produces other varieties of tiger and lion head, the quality is very good, but awareness not tall.

Tianjin Baodi pool long cypress became Man playing wild walnut planting expert, his farm yard has been planted with 300 wild Man playing walnut tree planted varieties cover the most popular on the market 'Beijing eight pairs' four floor stuffy tip lion head ', three gold', lantern lion head ', stars', unicorn lion head', treasure Balenghaitang 'meteor shower' and other 15 varieties.

4 Man playing walnut wholesale editing

Man playing walnut main wholesale distribution center. Man playing walnut mainly wholesale distribution center in Beijing Shilihe, Laishui Lai Yang Road (Northern Man playing culture First Street), Laishui earliest and largest collection of Man playing walnut wholesale trading Ya Vegetarian Man playing walnut center.

5 walnut effect editor

In the process of playing walnut, people use walnuts spikes, bumps and edges, take kneading, rubbing, pressing, rolling, kneading, rubbing, rolling and other techniques motion with both hands, press tie Pocket points, stimulate hand reaction zone, to Shu pulse meridians, promoting blood circulation, the effect of physical fitness. because walnut hard and thick-skinned, long after the hand rub, Khan's invasion, oil penetration, grinding time, and finally become a bright pink, and red transparent. Not worth agate natural agate art in the minds of the people playing walnut, walnut is not only fitness equipment, it is not only a work of art, but the set play, fitness, watch in one eye.[3]

The main component of the fat contained in walnuts is linoleic acid glycerides, after eating, not only does not make cholesterol, but also reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, and therefore, can be used as hypertension, arteriosclerosis tonic. Further These fats also supply the needs of the brain matrix. walnuts contained zinc and manganese is an essential component of the pituitary gland, eat nutritional supplement beneficial to the brain, a brain puzzle effect. Walnut is not only the best health brain food, but also a neurasthenia therapeutic agents. suffering from dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, waist and knees, weakness and other symptoms of the elderly, a day sooner or later eat 1 to 2 walnut, you can play to nourishing treatment. walnuts also other diseases with high medical effects, such as it has the qi and blood, moistening phlegm, warm the lung intestines, scattered swollen disinfection and other functions.

Walnut sweet, warm, into the kidney, lung, large intestine; a kidney, Gujing strong waist, warm the lung Dingchuan, laxative; Indications kidney Asthma, lumbago, weak legs, impotence, frequent urination, Shilin dry stool guitar distraction wood (wood core compartment) bitter, warm;... the kidney, astringent refined 1. expelling blood stasis and blood stagnation amenorrhea for blood stasis abdominal pain, Xuxue mad, bruises stasis energy and other illnesses. 2. moistening Hua Chang. for intestinal dry constipation stool incomprehensible. This product is bitter vent stasis, hepatic blood points, there is a strong blood to regulate menstruation, blood stasis and students new power, suitable for Blood stasis heavier. In addition, both intestines, cough achievements.

6 Tips to pick Editor

Look walnut points touch, smell, hearing, sight.

Sense of touch

First touch, brought a walnut, put his hand to the thugs, that is relative to its size, weight should be enough. Walnuts on hand floating no components are described generally not cooked, it is possible on a hot day picked, that is six mature, so do not get new walnut in September each year. Also, remember that when you ask someone, good walnuts difficult to handle, which is walnut hand massage acupuncture, an important indicator of health.


Speaking of smell, really not processed walnuts, there is a unique atmosphere, no strange taste. This new walnut, can tell is not processed because the hydrogen peroxide soaked things like chemical smell, very pungent child. Of course, we can discern from the traditional skin color.

Auditory sense

Then for the hearing, which is a relatively easy way to distinguish between wild and grafted in his hand rub, if the so-called stone of sound, which is very real, tough, then mature wild walnuts, if Pilar Pilar empty sound, it is mostly grafted. Figuratively, like ping-pong balls and rub in the hands of the difference between solid wood. If you feel walnut skin soft, won the early general description.


He concluded that vision, the main aspect is also important. It divided two categories, one is the natural condition of human factors on the other hand can be regarded as natural conditions, for one pair of walnut, the same species, tall and two lines is more important a party

Man playing walnut

Face. We all know that walnuts mm count on good things, often bigger price influence. So try to choose bigger in size, the size is generally best to use calipers to measure. This aspect is more complex textures, not to say clearly, Only a simple example, say the lion head, reason is called Lionhead, NA me the name implies, it's a texture to the hair like a lion, that is to have flowers around, or twist flower, not like an ordinary straight texture. In addition, walnuts play for real, deep lines are generally chosen better, as opposed to profiling, can out of Celebrex pulp, but also to retain walnut texture, like the compact lines easier vanished. Besides the main factors include Many other aspects, such as walnut eyes, to small, positive, too big, too crooked is not very good from the eye can also see the growth of walnut. Also, walnuts to be positive, not seven crooked twist of eight, if if crooked okay, if not a crooked a crooked finished. Other have like to be able to stand on the table, symmetry, both similar and so far as possible.

Another aspect is the so-called human factor, including a female skin, damage, cracking, and repair for female skin, slightly better, if it is obvious female skin is never optional, not clean walnuts, That is obviously a female skin can say will lower the grade walnut, and, after asking, no exaggeration to say that the female skin is water treatment or in the future may be difficult to get started with it that he did not restore, removed. potion can only be removed surface of the female skin, will be playing for a long time to emerge; it is difficult to get started looking back to see the damage should be careful, because a lot of walnuts lines, a pair of strange to see the whole walnut damage needs very patient, each tip. angle, each side should pay attention.

Cracking, generally occurs at the edge, which is the seams, as well as on the bottom. Note also that when you look at, of course, have to distinguish between the ribs in black, instead of crack., Said the cracks and cracking, naturally there will be a fix. Because there is such a lot of walnut that defects will be hands and feet. There are several methods of view. First, for injury, generally applied to rub flat way, we can look carefully, if there is an exception where the flat and smooth, The surface elsewhere are relatively rough, mostly explained walnut ruffle that do not have the pass-through, but in the problem areas after repeated rubbing wear. crack, crack walnuts typically after the bubble with a glue to repair, so you can pick from joints have bright signs, that is all over the place after the glue will have a kind of plastic or glass, said the feeling of water to identify. As for the female skin, usually from a skin color to distinguish. In addition, the new walnut maintenance also Note that the new walnut not too cold overheating, it is easy to crack. Do not brush immediately with water, but be careful not to be placed on the heating, because the new walnut up just in time for the winter. There is not too frequent oiling, easy black base.[7]

7 main categories editor

Man playing walnut general said to be divided into three types: 1, 2 iron walnut, catalpa sub 3, hemp walnut[5]

Iron walnut

Rohan head

Walnut iron we see on the market more, but the appearance of the gap is not particularly large which basically are:. Frog head, gold, iron ball, shaped (triangular children, quadrangular children), etc. origin distributed in China more extensive, and the yield is relatively large, so the market price is not high, generally between (except special) 2-100 yuan walnut iron lines generally characterized by shallow, sharp relatively small, relatively large heads therefore suitable for just contact walnut, but not very good friend, relative prices were relatively cheap, and not afraid to fall. But the price of iron walnut is not very high, and if collected them together to enjoy a variety of looks also do not have some fun.[3]

Catalpa child

As in the case of iron, like walnut production is relatively large, the main varieties are: Zuier ducks, chickens Zuier, bullet head, pit, etc., which is still relatively rare in profiled, such as doublets, triangular children, four . Prism children etc. Catalpa child is produced in our country are more widely distributed, mainly: Northeast, Hebei, Shanxi and other market prices in general (except special) between 2-150 yuan Catalpa child is characterized by changeable. shape, deep lines, fitness for purpose, by the elderly's favorite course Catalpa child also has its own collection value, one pair of all aspects are relatively well shaped Catalpa child is expensive.[8]


We generally say the 'four famous nuclear' is J.hopeiensis main varieties: lion head, tiger, official hat, son hat, heart-shaped, Rohan head (large bias), and so its origin mainly in: Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi and Beijing are part of the mountain because of its from a, color, shape, quality and other aspects have reached a very high standard, and because of rare wild walnut production, through the ages, has become the people chasing and collections of objects Of course the market price naturally low, generally in the hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars, some as high as tens of thousands, or even more than ten million. And due to the reduction of wild species, breed good hemp walnut prices are constantly every year The rapid increase, so will become more collections, value-added, playing in the new hot stuff in walnut hemp varieties were good when the number of Lionhead most scarce, but also we are more like the shape, among stuffy tip , short pile, large base, water dragons, edge width 4.5CM more in the old section of Lionhead most precious, highly collectible, rare, of course, a high price. There are some shaped walnut hemp is very precious such as: triangular lion head (commonly known as: Big Ben) and the like.

The above is a basic introduction to Man playing walnut and simple classification, of course, there are some more specific types not listed (mainly very rare), only for reference, learning together.[8]


Walnut variation mainly refers to the natural growth environment in appearance Because a lot of progress appears grafting and grafting techniques of walnut, did not rule out the growth process for the control of walnuts external factors cause variations or artificially acquired itself walnut processing possible, Walnut's value will lead to great discounts, but as a beginner may be difficult to distinguish, and even some old players with experience will have only the possibility of misjudgment, and often expensive. Therefore, we should buy extra attention, do not blindly pursue 'odd', ignoring the quality of walnut itself.[8]

8 exquisite Edit

Man playing walnut attention to four words matter, shape and color, a '

quality' Walnut good stiff fine texture, bump up the new sound Cishi walnut, feel heavy old walnut rub up as white jade general Xirun collision as stone.

shape' It refers to the pattern and playing walnut paired two walnut closer to the more precious; lines of density, distribution, width and thickness of the edge, is a measure of an important factor in playing walnut.

color' Say walnut in different periods of the presentation of the different colors, the age-old walnut will show as transparent ruby ​​color.

To draw attention to that part of the market has done a walnut color, in fact, play the year is not long, need to be carefully identified. A simple way is to use force to wipe finger on it, there will be year-old walnut highlights, and new walnut color is not bright spot. This is the collectors did not say walnut dip stick popularity.

A ' Refers to the tall walnut. Generally, goods with superb walnut bigger and more valuable, but most attention is walnut shaped pairs. There is no such as walnut, as the world is not the same as the eggs are often a train of walnuts not pick a completely approximate walnut, pairing is required great patience and opportunity, and therefore a good pairing shaped walnut often valuable.

9 The term describes the editor

Do: artificial processing, such as: color, sharpening, fill crack.

White tip: Because Walnut too tender to pick up, white tip.

Tendons children: refers walnut ridge wing bias: refers to the long walnut crooked.

Cooked: that is boiled or fried.

Tip: tip walnuts also have tube called Tsui.

Bottom: The bottom of walnut called base, commonly known as: Dier.

Eyes: Walnut bottom hole known, also called the navel and the back door.

Drain umbilical children: that children inside the bottom of walnut umbilical pedicle shrinkage away empty, causing walnut Below is empty, is not good product phase.

Back cover: is to use glue or candle oil seal at the bottom of the navel children together, in order to prevent leakage umbilical children and promote walnut color.

Yellow: A defect with the female skin also similar skin color, features in some projections walnut surface suddenly become very pale yellow, clear boundaries, and rubbing a long time with other parts of the skin are red The yellow color was unchanged, very beautiful.

The ground at the end: walnut dealers believe in the principle of 'stand firm walnut walnut is good', and put some projections rubbed off the bottom so that walnut walnut stand up.

Shrink, smoked: new walnut annual take some time off to be dry, especially in recent years walnuts dealers who are afraid to catch an early night, afraid to go fight a good walnut by others, even ahead of the end of August to September collect walnuts, walnut moisture content of large, usually shrink after buying back a few millimeters in six months, and during this extremely easy to crack.

Some few: as three seven, namely 3.7 cm, is the most common measure of size of a walnut, considered the widest distance walnut straighten fossa after both sides of the ribs: refers to a walnut base is umbilical children recessed center, is a good base form.

Big edge: also known as Thick, refers to the width and thickness of the walnut edge wing, in general, are bigger and more widely as possible.

Pattern: lines, textures, large grain, dense grain, fine lines, refers to the thickness of the walnut grain, good or bad inconclusive differ from each other, but the deeper the better lines of consensus.

Hand: refers to the weight of walnuts, in the hands of the more heavy feel better, but the new walnut because it was a lot of moisture sink.

Catch: Buy Buy walnut and say do not say grab 'Where are you going tomorrow?' 'Tomorrow is Saturday, I went to grab for good walnut Panjiayuan go'.

Thugs: refers to the weight of the heavy walnut, rubbing process has hit the hand feeling.

Hotels: Two walnut combined into a pair, called the match as: This was never a walnut with slightly hand: Refers to goods with poor walnut, that is used to rub it lost parts such as: the boss, give you a pair of stuff children now. I can rub it breaking things!? '' I did not say let your old rub your hands just giggle.

Product phase: a pair of walnut quality and appearance of the aggregate concept.

Four famous nuclear: generally refers to: lion head, official hat, tiger, son cap four kinds of text to play walnut.

Nuclear carving: Nuclear (hair Hu sound) refers to olive nuclear carved carving handicrafts, highly ornamental value and disc play.

Amomum: Walnut After years of playing the disc, walnuts crushed into sand-like, also known as: desertification.

Old Walnut: Old Walnut generally refers to have the disc out and has a long history of walnut called the old walnut.

10 Lionhead Edit

1, white lion head is a walnut, are Lionhead breed, I think it is the best feeling so far playing walnut grafting.

2, produced in Hebei Province Laishui Tiger Village. 3, was called white lion, is due to local farmers in walnuts picked walnuts.

Dwarf Lionhead pile coarse grain

Poke peel, walnuts see skin color white, just know that variety is obviously lion head, in order to be distinguished, special named 'White Lionhead'.

4, the main features: Pile short, thick edge, leather hard, slightly concave base of large, flat, dense and deep lines consistent in appearance, shape mostly Zhou Zheng, a very small tip and the tip of the similar four and a half south of the mouth, and other stone shrunk compared. less (more than 40 shrink 1-2 mm).

5. Disadvantages: Two sides slightly yellow bars on the base.

Lionhead Walnut - 'Pinggu four buildings' walnut

Obviously, this is a place name named walnut varieties.

But specific names wrong, just from the four buildings near, not in four buildings, but already convention.

Familiar people see this variety, called him 'four House' walnut.

Origin of name is precipitated culture, the error will mistake.

Walnut Features (in which the top grade as an example):

Man playing walnut

1, short pile

2, thick edge

3, Zhou Zheng

4, texture is great, really great

5, large flat base, the bottom of the radiation lines clear. 6, the tip is very small, small enough to get started a new walnut, on the break.

The overall feeling is very domineering, but also losing Zhou Zheng (trees south will be more than domineering, Zhou Zheng difficult).

Yield is very, very low, low to not a few pairs.

11 walnut lion head - 'Maro four' walnut editor

Maro four 'names are named after natural walnut varieties, Beijing players basic call him lion head walnut, Tianjin was called tiger.

Tianjin Jixian origin (some say Hebei Jixian, Tianjin, Hebei is the original capital of zoning due).

Wild original tree, is very, very large walnut tree, the tree was transplanted before.

The owner of the tree, naturally named Ma.

Walnut Features:

1, Zhou Zheng!

2, while the wide, thick

3, pointed a small, approximately flat top (2007, Huang pointed increasingly common, may be the result of artificial fertilization it)

4, Lionhead obviously flat base

4, leather is very good, very good cortex.

Wherein the rare dwarf pile (just opposite a little short), is a very good lion head walnut.

Lionhead Walnut - 'South will rock' walnut

The stone lion head south full its stocky shape, texture rough regular, hard wood, delicate and respected by the majority of players, especially in recent years, due to low production, especially as the superior product even more rare, the price all the way Biao l, even

Man playing walnut

Chaozuo phenomenon can be said to appear in the market baking furnace, the stone lion head south had reached hottest, popular saying is: awesome, cool, super core raw, dream Nan Stone.

The stone lion head south for qualitative divided into two groups: one group advocating named for its origin, referred to geographical names faction; and those who are advocates for its shape and its name, which referred to the shape of the two factions in the end which send NA me. School correct? This also from the stone lion head south origins start.

Man playing walnut

The stone lion head south 'system belongs to Man playing walnut Lionhead class, is a branch of the lion head are many varieties, with no records to research the legend, the late Qing Dynasty called' Ma pier ', the Republic of change is called' Ma Ke ', because of its yield rare, Man playing recognized as not strong, so the early years when not mainstream high-grade varieties, are second-rate stuff. In Hebei Village South will find varieties of walnuts produce this, so we will default he called the South will stone lion head. And because of its hard, sizing, porcelain play after hanging up the crisp sound, like the sound of the collision between two trees gravel, so the rock's name south spread. So this will be the main faction based on place names!

After continuous efforts to find and develop the seller, and other places around Beijing, Hebei and other places such as Deere also found this article as a walnut, and because driven by the interests of many rural areas grafted or planted a walnut tree this breed. So, do not just Village South will produce these varieties walnuts. Since the origin is no longer just south of the Village, is not fixed, NA me is only recognized by a heart shape as a criterion of the closest stone lion head south to the product as the standard , which became the main faction based on the shape. Most of walnut varieties is judged according to the shape!

12 The walnut lion head - 'knife' walnut editor

This walnut origin Hebei.

Features are: low pile, very full belly, slightly into the square, while a wide thin, deep lines varied, less Zhou Zheng.

It was called 'horseshoe' lion head.

Tree farmers called 'knife'

Because Zhou Zheng less, edge width and thin, so the craft of good repair, after playing, it can become very good lion head walnut.

Introduction of walnut Lionhead - Mentougou stuffy tip lion head (apple orchard)

Origin Beijing mountainous west, Mentougou Wang Ping Village.


1, short

2, round (full)

3, leather super hard, super crisp sound, color soon

4, the lines well, even at the top, sharp lines on both sides of the stomach have, this place is the most no other walnut grain places.

5, valve (navel eyes) northwest lanterns shaped like the bottom of walnut.

Man playing walnut

6, the fruit has a feature - 'thin-skinned big stuffing': look at how much fruit, including open skin, walnut almost not much smaller.

It belongs to the old varieties of the classic lion head, because of its very full round, prescription with a round, round in the well and the shape of apples, known as 'apple round children'.

Very old age, is said to have 800 years old (difficult to trace), so a few years, the results are very few dead before a tree, each walnut, almost all Poles, I have seen, drained started after almost all of the 38 the following.

Dead trees, branches grafted back has already been taken away, the results, but have become a high-pile, large sharp stuff.

13 The walnut lion head - old lion head walnut editor

He stressed that under the 'old' lion head 'walnuts, not so-called' old money ', the old type' lion head.

Origin: Beijing of the surrounding mountains, the specific tree, unknown, production in recent years have not seen.


1, short

2, round (full)

3, flat, boring tip

4, deep fine lines, even playing for decades, can not hide it deep fine lines.

5, Zhou Zheng

6, the base atmosphere

7, color

8, including pulp

9, the number of extremely rare

Stuffy tip lion head

The disc stuffy tip lion head, below the text to play walnut rare species.

Man playing walnut


1. dwarf pile outsole

2. plump heads

3. Shape dignified Zhou Zheng

4. dense grain, short village, Tatu, edge width and thickness

5. skin color beautiful! Patina color fast

6. dish out to agate red color is very beautiful.

7. Wild beautiful lines, and the shape of the classic pairing perfect!

14 Category editor

1. the old lion

The old Lionhead Man playing walnut walnut is the oldest in a walnut! Looks dignified thick, side view, walnut belly full! Pile as correct! Pile short thick edge! Sharp small and blunt! Lines deep and stretch! Bottom huge thick, flat bottom! cortex and easy to use red! disc play out beautiful colors! amount of dilute prices!

2. stuffy tip lion head

Stuffy tip lion head is named after a lion head walnut appearance! The walnut looks solemn! Thick edges blunt! Tip quite small! Hardly! Named stuffy tip! Outsole flat belly! Radially bottom lines! Xiaoqing eyes! cortical density, weight falling hand, regular lines deep, leather super good! dish out skin color and bright! scarce! prices high!

3. apple orchard Lionhead

Lionhead apple orchard is also a walnut appearance named walnut lion head! Origin in Mentougou, looks exactly like the Apple dock for Apple at the end, because of its peel is thin, the market and called it 'thin-skinned big trap' dignified appearance! thick edge flat! big belly navel small! whose blue eyes looked quite characteristic! round tail round valve! lines stretch. cortex nice! Easy to use red! Online grafting apple round success, but a big tip big. Number much! higher prices!

4. Horseshoe Lionhead

Lionhead is also a horseshoe shape has named walnut Lionhead! Sedate appearance! Protruding belly flat bottom! Thick edges blunt! Large concave bottom! Side, resembles the shape of the horseshoe! Cortical good! Components thugs! This variety has been Grafting! Number middle! midrange price!

5. disc Lionhead

Lionhead disc also has been named walnut Lionhead appearance! Appearance resembles stone farmhouse disc! Solemn appearance! Short pile thick edge, stuffy tip flat, belly full, bottom lines radiating! Lines a little shallow, leather good! Overhand Easy red! a small number! higher prices!

6. Pinggu four floor Lionhead

Pinggu four buildings named after the place of origin is a lion head lion head! Its shape the old stuffy tip lion! Produced in Pinggu four buildings in the vicinity of a groove, so named after the four floor Lionhead. Overall solemn atmosphere! Regular lines stretch! short pile belly! flat webbing! cortical density Good! is the most fire a variety! old tree has been destroyed, is grafted to see! Quantity quite rare! prices high!

7. Maro four Lionhead

Maro four lion head is a tree named after the owner of the lion head! Produced in Tianjin, North China! The walnut looks dignified and stable! Air lines stretch! Thick edge flat! Cortical density good! Components thugs! The last two years outside of the walnut type high! market commonly known as the donkey's face! small quantities! high prices! (picture No)

8. southern stone lion head

The stone lion is also a Southern origin have been named varieties! Produced in Hebei Zhuolu Nan Village, thick edge pimple pattern! Tip save large concave bottom! Great cortex density! Grafting of wild and points!

9. ingot Lionhead

元宝狮子头是以外型命名的一款狮子!外型稳重!边小肚大!侧面看, 外型象古代的元宝, 因而得名!平底小顿尖, 上手易红!嫁接较多!价格适中!

10. 灯笼狮子头


11. 白狮子头

白狮子头产于河北涞水!其名称是由当年核农嫁接后, 剥皮后发现核桃皮质发白!故名白狮子!白狮子属于嫁接较成功的狮子头!其外形端庄稳重!边厚尖小 (小攒尖) ,肚子饱满!底座大而端正!纹路较秀气!皮质超好!上手易红!美中不足是其核桃黄尖黄边较多!数量较少!价格较高!

12. 红狮子头

红狮子头也是按其皮色命名的核桃, 产自河北. 由于这种嫁接核桃皮质发红, 上手也易变红, 故而核农取名为红狮子. 其特点是桩高尖大, 平底, 纹路粗犷, 外型显得较高大, 分量较重!价格中等.

13. 密纹狮子头


14. 盘龙纹狮子头

盘龙纹狮子是已核桃纹路命名的!最早叫矮桩宽边细纹狮子, 产地在山西. 盘龙纹狮子头宽边肚瘪, 底边有点兜, 型状规整, 纹路细腻, 皮质不错!数量不多!价格较高!

15. 满天星

满天星也是按纹路特点命名的一款狮子头!这种核桃的野生树的产地是北京的百花山, 老树已毁, 涞水嫁接已成. 外型端庄规整, 大尖厚边, 凹底皮坚, 纹路呈小疙瘩状密集相连, 如夜空中点点繁星, 被核农称为满天星, 是嫁接的新品种, 数量不多, 价格较高!

16. 流星雨

流星雨是新推的品种, 流星雨外型端正!个大凸尖, 肚鼓底正, 纹路深且粗犷与满天星相近, 皮质不错!数量不多, 价格高!

17. 异形狮子

异形狮子不是一个单一的品种!而是泛指所有狮子品种中的怪异个体!由于其不可预知性和稀有性!异形狮子也是一种相当不错的文玩核桃收藏品!如鹰嘴, 佛肚, 一道筋, 三棱, 四棱, 五棱, 连体等等!

18. 水龙纹狮子头


19. 翻天印狮子头

翻天印狮子头产于河北太行山中, 是新发现的品种. 超级的矮桩, 特出的干支梅的纹理, 大底座, 大平尖. 其特点肚子饱满, 底带菊花纹, 朝上看时酷似一枚古印, 俗称翻天印.



这两种核桃在区别上不很困难, 大家只要把握以下几点就行. (以下图片上面一张是公子帽, 下面是官帽)

1, 底座: 从底座上来说平看差不多. 主要区别在于大边从上面延伸到底座出的'耳朵 (就是边延伸到核桃底脐儿部位形成一定的弧度, 俗称'耳朵') .一般来说公子帽核桃的'耳朵', 要远远比官帽核桃的'耳朵'大的多, 弧度也很明显比较大. 公子帽核桃看起来比较像是凹座的.


2, 边的形状: 帽类的核桃的边一般来说都比较大, 且比较薄. 公子帽和官帽核桃的边也一样. 两种核桃的边只在形状方面存在一定差异. 官帽核桃的边从正面看比较'瘦, 窄', 从尖的部位向下的坡度较大, 向下的趋势较明显; 公子帽核桃的边从正面看比较'胖, 宽', 横向发展的趋势明显, 比较圆, 饱满, 弧度较大, 边明显比一般的核桃宽.

3, 边与高度的比例: 官帽核桃的边宽比高度要小, 而公子帽则刚好相反-边宽一般要比高度大, 就是通常说的矮桩. 公子帽核桃在帽类核桃里一般都是矮桩的.

另外, 公子帽这个品种不同于其他帽类品种的核桃, 其产量较低, 产地很少, 价格也不低. 从形状上来说, 公子帽核桃的形状更漂亮. 由于产量小, 产地少, 有人试图嫁接或用其他方法培育这个品种, 但成品外形不如野生的外形效果好. 大家在市场上看到的帽类核桃一般来说属于官帽类的.




是四大核桃之一, 也是一个很常见的品种.


鸡心就是因为长得像是鸡的心脏, 所以得名的.

鸡心核桃较为常见, 在北京郊区, 河北, 山西等地均有. 外观稍有不同.

鸡心也分为几个品种, 很多人习惯把矮桩的鸡心叫做桃心, 但是我个人还是觉得它是矮桩鸡心的一种.

因为嫁接的鸡心很多, 所以很多老的品种都见不到了.

常见的就是普通鸡心, 桃心, 鸭嘴鸡心.

鸡心纹路网状多见, 纹理大较疏, 有的地方也产秘纹的鸡心但是不多见. 顶较顿, 底大而平.

老人喜欢鸡心核桃的较多, 握着的感觉比较舒服.



满天星'狮子头近几年市场上也很火, 这是个很不错的狮子头品种, 最值得称道是它的纹路漂亮!密密麻麻的, 很地道; 皮质也很好, 上色快. 有的玩家很容易把'满天星'和'百花山'混淆, 实际上满天星就是百花山, 一个东西两种叫法, 就好比土豆与马铃薯; 番茄与西红柿一样, 名字不一样, 实际上是一个东西. 这两个名字有其来历, 满天星这棵老树就在北京门头沟的百花山, 这棵老树和很多其他老树一样, 树龄也有百年左右, 树干很粗, 若是倒退30几年, 这棵树没什幺人关注, 树上的核桃没人要, 每年大多数核桃都是熟透了之后自行落地, 不是被松鼠拽走吃掉, 就是在树下沤烂. 2005年, 文玩市场开始火爆, 河北涞水的农民毕某与其舅舅一起来到这棵老树下, 剪了杩子回去嫁接, 当年成活, 次年结了不到10个核桃, 成型的也就34个, 当时这棵树还没有名字, 毕某看核桃的纹路很很密很漂亮, 就给起了名字, 叫'满天星', 06年消息传开后, 一拨一拨地来老树剪杩子的涞水人多了起来, 树冠一下就缩小了很多, 后来很多杩子都成活了, 于是毕某伙同其他核农就去毁树, 据传前后去了两次, 第一次扒树皮, 后来怕树太高大而不死, 又去了一次, 第二次去了四个人, 拎了几大桶'除草剂'在树下刨坑, 将除草剂全部灌于树下, 达到了彻底毁根的目的. 满天星的嫁接树大大小小有上千颗, 有的核农就按照原始的地名, 直接管这个品种叫'百花山'狮子头, 或是简称'百花山', 市场上, 叫'满天星'的和叫'百花山'都有, 满天星狮子头根据嫁接技术的不同, 母本的不同, 结出的核桃的品相也是有差异的, 有的甚至是大相径庭, 嫁接后纹路和形状都不如老树的好看. 2011年还出现了假的满天星, 初入行的玩家很难分辨, 这些假的满天星, 纹路与满天星狮子头的纹路近似, 也很密, 但还是有区别的, 主要体现在纹路无力, 变化少, 过于尖锐, 边薄, 尖部没有竖道细纹. 满天星夹板的核桃比较普遍, 夹板后, 核桃变矮, 形状会变得漂亮, 价格升高, 但使用夹板若是技术不当, 会使核桃的形状显得生硬死板, 反倒不如不夹. 在山里和市场上都可以见到47以上的大核桃.


大家在核桃市场中逛的时候, 是不是经常听到一些玩家和不卖鸡心的核桃商提起别人卖的大鸡心就说: 现在的鸡心哪, 别看个大, 都是嫁接的. . 是不是嫁接的我不敢断定, 毕竟没有自己进山里跟管核桃树的村民交流过. 不过有一点可以肯定的是现今的鸡心肯定跟以前的野生鸡心有不同. 那幺很久以前就被列入 (核桃谱) 中四大名核的鸡心以前是什幺样子呢?

从纹的角度来说, 纹理更密更细, 不具有当下鸡心那样雄浑的大纹, 粗纹. 纹理之间也找不到很深的缝或者洞. 从质的角度来说我对野生鸡心非常满意, 因为质地非常细腻, 一上手就感觉得到. 四大名核的名号很可能由此得来. 野生鸡心的边非常的薄, 与如今鸡心的大厚边又是一个对比. 大家注意到鸡心顶的那一部分, 跟现今的鸡心差别较大: 核桃两边的两半突起没有延伸到尖儿上, 而是让尖儿随着边'独立'出来的. 现如今的鸡心大多数两边都是一直连到尖儿上, 成为两个斜面. 最能体现野生鸡心的特色: 大家注意两个边如同公子帽那样一直弯到脐儿里面去. 现如今的鸡心底大, 平, 如同狮子头一般, 边儿一般都是刚到底就已经跟底一样平了, 没有这两个可爱的弯. 个人认为这是辨别野生鸡心最直观的办法. 纹路在底部仍然非常突出, 也是一个特点. 总的来说觉得野生的鸡心在'四大名核'中是属于比较'阴柔'的那一类核桃, 边细纹细核桃也细长, 但质地细腻揉出来也能非常好看. 现如今的鸡心多向粗纹狮子头那样粗犷的方向发展, 大个儿骨里, 厚边大纹, 大平底, 质地总的来说略显粗.


文玩核桃在用来当做把玩之物的同时, 还通过民间艺人的雕刻, 成为备受玩家青睐的艺术珍品, 艺人们就是在小小的核桃上雕刻出各种动物, 人物的形象, 图案, 寄托美好的寓意, 表达人们对未来的期盼和向往.

桃木亦名'仙木', 是用途最为广泛的驱邪制鬼材料. 桃木所以具有这等神力, 根植于古人认定桃树为百鬼所惧的神秘观念. 由此'核桃'也被赋予了这样的神秘魔力, 人们手中时常把握具有神秘力量的核桃, 就能吉祥, 免灾.

明代的核雕最早的核材都是桃核, 明代以后到了清干隆年间才出现了用橄榄核和核桃雕刻的花船和人物等核雕. 明代的麻核桃雕刻大多是神仙人物, 避邪神兽, 吉祥物等等. 小小核桃雕作为一种时尚品, 走进达官显贵的生活中, 一方面可以玩赏, 另一方面也成为一种富贵的象征.

核桃多为人们把玩之物, 或者收藏. 因其特殊材质和工艺, 升值空间不可低估.

可能很多人对核桃都不太了解, 尤其是麻核桃质地坚硬, 表面花纹变化无常, 中间空心, 而且它的横截面有许多不规则的空眼, 核桃雕刻在世界范围内都属冷门. 它不同于其它雕刻, 绘画, 木雕可以随心所欲进行创作, 核桃雕刻是一种在小不盈寸的特殊材料上, 巧借自然, 进行具象雕塑的艺术, 讲究的'毫厘之间, 集大千世界之妙'. 在文玩核桃的雕刻艺人中杨洪武还善于镂空核桃雕刻, 他的透雕珍品中以 (海螺仙子) 比较突出. 此外核桃雕刻选材也很重要, 有时为了找到一颗和自己构思形状差不多的核桃, 要找上几个麻袋的核桃才能挑选出来. 所以这小小核桃雕刻确实显示出了中华民族传承已久的民间工艺技法. 每件核桃工艺品都是雕刻家的心血凝结.


包浆的原理: 包浆, 顾名思义: 包裹着一层浆体. 这个词的定义是很准确的, 文玩核桃的包浆, 确实是从表面这层浆体逐渐演变而来的. 那幺这层'浆'的来源是什幺呢?这就要从了解人手掌分泌物的成份开始了.

1. 手掌分泌物的成份 人手上的皮肤会分泌两种物质: 汗液和皮脂. 汗液是由小汗腺分泌的, 对于文玩核桃的上色来说, 汗液起主导作用. 皮脂是由皮脂腺分泌的, 它是一种混合物. 其中包含多种脂类物质, 主要有饱和的及不饱和的游离脂肪酸, 甘油三脂, 蜡类, 固醇类, 角鲨烯及液体石蜡等. 皮脂排泄到皮肤表面, 一部分附着在毛发上, 起润泽毛发的作用; 另外大部分皮脂和汗液混合后在手掌皮肤表面形成一层乳状的皮脂膜, 这种物质就是包'浆'的前身.

2. 包浆与木质融合演变过程 乳状皮脂膜因为含有脂类和蜡类物质, 其本身兼具'油'和'蜡'的属性, 在接触白茬核桃的木质时, 会迅速渗透进木质纤维中, 这个过程大概会持续一个月以上. 这段时间会感觉核桃变色快, 吸收感强. 总是手感涩涩的, 行话叫'咬手'. 过了这个阶段, 乳状皮脂膜与木质纤维受到填充物影响会进一步收缩, 这是继新核桃下树阴干过程之后的进一步缩尺. 一般根据核桃个头不同收缩比例也不一样. 以此类推, 越大缩尺越厉害, 皮质越差缩的越严重. 随着混合物的水分逐渐蒸发, 乳状皮脂膜还原为皮质混合物, 其中多种脂类物质进入木质深层, 进一步与木纤维融合, 而另外一部分蜡类混合物析出到核桃表层堆积下来, 凝固为类似结晶体的透明浆层, 这就是俗称的'包浆'了. 从核桃入手盘玩几个月开始至几年之间, 核桃的包浆会越来越深厚, 面积也会随着核桃表面磨损而加大. 深入木质深层的成份因为多为脂类, 所以表现出'油'的特性, 会伴随着'唿吸作用'深入核桃内部, 最后进入核桃内腔, 与核桃仁相遇. 如果这时候核桃仁恰好处于内部水分完全散发干净的状态, 遭遇脂类物质时会迅速与之交融, 仁中油脂不断渗出, 随着盘揉转动过程遍及内腔表面, 同时也会受到'唿吸作用'的影响反向向外渗透, 进一步完整, 完善脂类物质与木质的融合, 悄悄改变木质的构成.

3. 详解文玩核桃的'唿吸作用 唿吸作用'并非是核桃真的在唿吸, 这个名词是温柔提出来的一种说法, 当核桃的表层被包浆逐渐包裹之后, 木质纤维的孔洞被皮脂混合物填满, 形成了一层隔断. 在盘玩过程中, 人手的热量传导给核桃, 使核桃从外向内温度逐渐升高. 根据热胀冷缩原理, 核桃内腔温度低于外壁时, 皮壳对内腔产生一个'负压', 这是一个'吸'的作用, 可以帮助腔体内部的物质 (包括核桃仁的油脂, 其他混合物) 更好的反渗出来. 当核桃被连续盘玩若干小时以后, 放置于一时, 随着木质的逐渐冷却, 内腔温度高于皮壳木质层, 这时就产生'正压', 进入'唿'的作用时间. 在这个过程中会随着内腔温度的降低有一个向内拉扯力, 帮助皮壳木纤维中的脂类混合物向内渗透. 所以, 温柔在盘玩核桃的时候, 喜欢每次将核桃拿在手中持续的盘玩2~4小时, 在这期间坚持核桃不离手. 待保证将核桃完全盘热了之后再将核桃放置在抽屉中或者阴凉干燥处, 搁置10小时以上. 让核桃完整的走完每一个'唿吸'的过程.

4. 不同手掌肤质对挂瓷的影响 根据手掌皮肤分泌汗液和皮脂量的多少, 肤质也分为好几种, 不同肤质盘玩出来的核桃挂瓷状态也有所不同.

(1) 中性手 这类手掌汗液, 皮脂分泌适宜, 乳状皮脂膜中皮脂和水分平衡, 肤质类型很健康, 介于干手和油汗手之间. 盘玩出的核桃颜色红润, 包浆通透, 是可以玩出精品核桃的手掌.

(2) 干手 这类手掌不爱出汗, 皮脂腺分泌也少, 盘玩核桃上色和包浆都非常慢. 同样一对儿核桃, 盘玩核桃直至挂瓷程度的时间是中性手的好几倍, 但是只要坚持下去还是能有所成就的.

(3) 汗手 手掌分泌汗液量较大, 但是皮脂腺分泌量少, 皮肤锁不住水分, 部分人群表现为有轻微爆皮现象. 这类手掌盘玩核桃初期上色快, 盘玩一个星期比干手盘玩一个月上色还重. 但是包浆速度很慢, 有些甚至核桃都泛红了还不包浆. 这类手掌盘玩出来的核桃往往上色较重, 排除核桃皮质不好的情况, 相同品质的核桃汗手玩出来颜色发晦暗一些, 包浆层通透度较差, 挂瓷不明显.

(4) 油汗手 (皮脂手) 手掌分泌汗液量较少, 皮脂分泌量大, 手掌总感觉油腻腻的, 乳状皮脂膜因为皮脂含量高偏酸性. 相同情况下盘玩核桃上色较慢, 往往包浆很厚了却还是发黄色. 挂瓷后通透度极佳, 这类手掌玩出来的老核桃在阳光下有些甚至能感觉把核桃玩透明了. 是盘玩核桃不可多得的极品好手, 玩出来的核桃价格暴涨, 是许多藏家竞相追逐的艺术精品. 拥有'上帝之手'的称谓! 对于真正的玩家来说, 盘玩核桃最重要的是修身养性的过程, 什幺手掌类型都是爹妈生父母给的, 其实没必要因为肤质类型不好就对文玩核桃失去了信心. 只要用心去玩, 自己的核桃都能出彩.



初上道往往追求大, 玩过一定时期会追求名贵, 第三阶段是奇异, 最后会收集精品. 不要勉强, 是你玩核桃, 别让核桃玩你.


质, 形, 色, 个, 这四样东西是评价一付核桃的标准. 质: 好质的新核桃轻轻碰撞声音应该瓷实, 老核桃碰起来如同金石; 新核桃应该坚硬, 皮质不粗糙, 老核桃应红色透明, 如同红玉; 新核桃应沉手, 有坠感, 老核桃揉起来如羊脂白玉那样细润. 形: 第一根据树种分类, 如传说中 (核桃谱) 所列四大名核'狮子头, 虎头, 鸡心, 公子帽', 此外还有灯笼, 鹰嘴, 罗汉头, 状元冠, 两瓣, 三棱, 四棱等等. 狮子头和公子帽比较热门, 相同大小超过其他树种数倍乃至数十倍. 形的第二层意义在于纹路. 疏密得当, 分布均匀, 看起来舒服, 边宽厚, 是关键. 形的第三层意思为配对. 一对核桃是歪是正, 配对就是好核桃. 配对包括大小, 纹路, 倾斜度, 甚至纹的走向. 非常配对核桃才是赏心悦目的收藏品. 色: 不同时期的核桃有不同的色, 老核桃是带透明感的紫红色. 不正常的红和紫黑, 是化学药剂的浸泡, 已受损害, 对人体也不好. 但也有颜色非常深的新核桃. 个: 大的核桃因为稀少, 不管什幺品种都会珍贵很多. 但如果不是为了炫耀, 还是应按手的大小来选. 太大易掉在地上, 或者干脆束之高阁.


如何挑选核桃, 分触觉, 嗅觉, 听觉, 视觉. 首先是触觉, 放在手里要打手, 就是分量要够. 感到核桃轻飘飘, 皮软, 一般说明摘得早, 没熟, 有可能热天就摘下来了, 所以不要九月份弄新核桃. 核桃过轻, 也有可能烘干过度, 刷上油很快就干, 是干核桃的特征. 一对核桃, 重量要一致. 说到嗅觉, 没加工过的核桃, 有特有气息, 没有怪味道. 双氧水之类泡过的有化学味道. 再来说听觉, 揉一揉, 是金石之音, 很实在, 硬朗, 说明是成熟的野生核桃, 要是皮拉皮拉的, 多半是嫁接的. 就像实心木头球和乒乓球揉在手里的区别. 最后视觉分两类说, 一是自然条件, 另是人为因素. 自然条件, 个头和纹路是比较重要的两个方面. 要尽量选择个头大的. 纹理比较复杂, 比如说狮子头, 它的纹理要像狮子毛发, 也就是说要有绕花, 或者说拧花, 不能像普通的直纹理. 真正玩核桃, 一般选取深大纹路比较好, 密纹纹路比较容易消磨殆尽. 核桃要正, 不能歪七拧八, 如果要是都歪还行. 放在桌子上要能站住, 对称, 两个尽量相似等等. 核桃的眼, 要小, 正, 从眼能看出核桃的生长情况. 要看底座是否平整, 狮子头, 虎头, 官帽等是一个重要看点; 不是所有的核桃都要看底座, 楸子类的核桃平整不了, 底座问题可以忽略不计. 两只核桃颜色要一致. 颜色不一致的可能不是一棵树上结的或不是一个年头的核桃, 即使同一棵树上的, 因先摘后摘阴面阳面的原因也会造成颜色不一致, 通过揉是解决不了问题的, 而且越是上油色差就越大. 阴皮, 如果黑记颜色较浅, 对核桃的质量影响不大, 揉到一定时间黑颜色会渐渐变浅. 较明显的阴皮是不能选的. 另一大方面就是人为因素, 主要包括损伤, 开裂, 还有修复. 药水只能去掉表面的阴皮, 玩久了又会浮现, 上手往回找也很难. 损伤也要仔细去看, 因为核桃的纹路很多, 想看全一对陌生核桃的损伤需要耐心, 每个尖角, 每个边都要注意. 开裂, 一般发生在边上, 也就是接缝处, 还有眼上. 当然也要区分黑色的筋, 那不是裂缝. 很多核桃因为有这样那样的缺陷都会被人动手脚. 裂了, 一般是泡后用胶水修复, 可以从接缝处有亮色, 有那种塑料或玻璃水的感觉来辨别. 买核桃最好带上放大镜和游标卡尺. 用放大镜看核桃尖顶有没有受过伤害和伤害程度, 棱翼上有无裂缝, 身上有无砂眼, 纹路匀称否, 有无硬伤; 卡尺是量核桃尺寸的, 从实用的角度选择大小是最好的.

很多朋友都认为核桃是越大越好, 其实不是, 太大或者太小的核桃都不是适合自己的. 那幺, 如何挑选适合自己大小的核桃呢. 拇指伸平, 把核桃夹在食指和拇指之间, 中间的缝隙刚好放大拇指的宽度为宜.[7] 如图.


核桃价格疯长, 规格档次以毫米论, 很多人一味地追求大个头. 真为了玩核桃, 在选核桃的时候, 还是应该根据自己的手形大小选择. 一般40mm的狮子头感觉正好, 43的公子帽就觉得有点儿涨手了. 大有大的气魄, 小有小的精妙. 最大的核桃究竟有多大, 七说不一. 见过50的鸡心, 再大的就 是听说的了. 对揉核桃的人来说, 40以上的就大了点, 再大只好一手一个了. 三项指数 (即长宽高) 均在40mm以上的, 属于大核桃. 三项指数在30mm以下的可以认定为是小核桃. 在20mm之下的可以称之为迷你小核桃了. 三项指数有两项在30mm-40mm之间则可以定为中型核桃. 究竟如何认定核桃大小, 尚无一致的标准与看法. 早年间, 有针对每个玩家的手的大小来确定核桃大小的说法: 从大到小的顺序, 1, 大丈把, 2, 小丈把, 3, 正把位, 4, 小把位. 具体方法是用拇指和食指围住核桃来确定: 拇指蹦紧不能弯曲, 食指围住核桃, 核桃边平行或垂直于拇指, 这时食指与拇指有一个拇指指甲的宽度, 就是大丈把, 一个小手指指甲的宽度, 就是小丈把, 一个韭菜叶的宽度, 就是正把位, 没有缝隙, 就是小把位, 利用这种方法, 也大致可以测出核桃的宽度大盖是多大, 使用次数越多越准确.



清洗是必要的, 问题是如何清洗不伤核桃的质材. 有人简单把核桃泡在温水里, 抓一把洗衣粉泡一泡, 然后刷掉其缝隙里的泥污. 这样做简单是简单了, 问题是浸水的核桃一会变软, 二如果干燥不及时会造成内部的霉烂, 三还可能开裂. 现介绍一两个较好的方法. 用毛刷蘸洗涤灵刷洗和用棉签蘸清洗剂刷洗都可以, 然后可用清水冲一下, 之后及时擦干核桃上的水份. 擦干, 万万不可用吹风机吹干或烤干. 在通风的地方再放两三天即可. 夏季可以三五天清洗一回, 冬天可以一星期左右清洗一次, 或者依核桃的卫生状况而定更好. 清洗后不及时干燥一下, 核桃上会产生黑色的霉斑. 说到清洗核桃, 有人永不清洗, 有的人洗得很勤. 有的玩主习惯把核桃尾部气门抠干净, 这样对核桃反而容易造成内胆漏气, 清洗之时极其容易进水, 造成内部腐烂变质. 假如买的是老核桃, 被人盘过很多年, 也许原主人已不在人世了, 要水洗一下. 清洗的方法是: 先用温水浸泡5-10分钟, 而后用超市购买的硬毛刷, 刷掉核桃上的附着物. 上面的黑泥, 还有一些没有处理干净的阴皮, 都能刷掉. 再用牙刷沾上沐浴液或洗发水, 刷洗一遍, 用清水冲干净. 有的老核桃下边没有脐了, 水洗可能进水, 可以用蜡烛油将脐封住再刷洗. 刷洗完用毛巾擦干, 先在手里盘, 直到凹处看不到水.


使用核桃油等来养护核桃是大多数玩家的选择, 对于收藏的人来说, 也有很多人如此保护核桃. 因为他们不可能把所有的藏品都揉出来. 揉出来的核桃会有一层包浆来保护核桃, 而没揉的核桃基本就是核桃的木质直接与空气对话了. 尤其是北方气候干燥, 没有保护层的核桃在高温高湿的状况下, 容易开裂, 上油则可以完全避免或有效的避免核桃由于季节, 气温和气候问题受到损害. 很多品种的油, 都可以保护, 改善核桃. 核桃油是最好的了. 橄榄油对核桃颜色基本没有影响, 可以防止核桃干裂. 香油可以使核桃颜色加深, 也可以用来追色. 辣椒油可以解决局部颜色偏浅问题. 一位老玩家说: 上了油的核桃, 揉出来明亮如漆; 没上油的核桃, 揉出来清亮如玉!上油的恶果往往十几年甚至几十年后才能察觉出来.'但很多卖核桃的朋友说: 如果不上油的话, 很爱开裂不说, 还卖不上价钱去.'有的朋友也讲过这样的上油方法: 用绸料的眼镜布裹上生核桃仁包好后在核桃上擦拭, 然后再盘就可以了. 上不上油, 怎样上油, 说法不一, 但总是不能太频繁, 因为容易黑底子.


存放简单, 超市卖的保鲜盒体积小, 密封好, 是存放核桃最理想的容器, 但是将裹核桃仁的布包一并放在一起效果更好, 核桃油自然挥发, 七八天打开时会发现, 这些核桃是被自然的核桃油熏得很均匀, 上手变色也很快. 对于新核桃的保养, 要注意不要过冷过热, 否则很容易开裂. 不要马上用水刷, 更不能放在暖气上, 因为新核桃上来正好赶上冬天. 夏天潮, 时间放久了易出蛀虫, 放了精态粉就没事了, 放一点就能管五六年. 当然, 如果保管条件好, 或经常动的话, 就不会出现如此之类问题了.


核桃伤了尖了, 怎幺办?继续揉就是了, 保持自然是最好的处理方式. 很多细小或轻微的伤尖, 通过揉是可以减轻伤痕的, 甚至到一点也看不出来的地步. 当然, 如果想转手出售的话, 则会产生很不利的影响. 绝对不能用工具将尖部锉平, 那样伤害更大.


北京最大的文玩核桃市场在哪里?在十里河华声天桥市场, 另外还有潘家园, 大钟寺, 报国寺, 官园, 城南旧货市场等. 新核桃多在白露前摘采, 九月下旬到十月上旬是到郊区抓核桃的好时机. 一是平谷, 一是京西的斋堂, 平谷出鸡心, 斋堂的狮子头. 好核桃集中在二三环之内, 但是价格高而且是居高不下, 四环以外的核桃价格开始下降, 但是好核桃少, 需要多转多看, 越往远走价格下降幅度就越大.

近几年, 中国出现了一场疯狂的'核桃热'. 然而, 核桃市场繁荣致使产量勐增, 核桃市场已经形成泡沫