Man playing walnut

Man playing walnut

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Old Beijingers have exquisite walnut hand play, most people will be listed as a recreational way, in fact, the benefits of walnut hand play is its health effects on the body, sparse bones, blood circulation, effective stimulation of the hand nerve, play a brain Bunao effect, NA me, ruffle Man playing walnut playing, different tactics to play the benefits of walnuts have Shiyao difference? Let's look at it specifically.

A pair of walnut grip in the palm, spinning, not only can turn a healthy, better play out of longevity because walnuts press can massage the palm points, kept her fingers, blood circulation has great benefits ancients said: scholar Play walnuts, Takehito transferrin ball. 'say is the truth.

Man playing walnut walnut play a lot of which: kneading, rubbing, pressing, rolling, rubbing, grinding, rolling points play a health effect on opponents from Meridian, the palm surface of the manpower of the distribution of many points, twelve meridians. and there were hand and hand Sanyang yin meridians through. It walnut uneven surface pimple ball, continue to stimulate acupuncture points to clear the meridians of the role of long-term fitness ball Fun walnuts can prevent dizziness, blood circulation.

Walnut fitness play a lot, but also very simple, one-handed hands can in one hand and two fingers whipped in scrolling up and down freely rotatable, arbitrary. Modern science has proved that rubbed walnut can delay aging body, the prevention of cardiovascular disease, Avoid stroke plays a significant role. In particular, some desk or computer work long been engaged in the crowd, playing walnut play better medicinal properties, the effect of prevention of occupational diseases.

Walnut subdivision play, can be divided into the basic gameplay and technology play basic games are played, set the dual-core to a single palm, the finger forced to make a dual-core in the palm of your hand clockwise and reverse in rotation for a finger close to the nucleus, so that the dual-core rub against each other, rather than collision technology play, marking time: body stand up straight, two-hand walnut, while transport nuclear side of marking time, when a single hand nuclear, nuclear transport alternating hands, as far as possible when stepping thigh to elevation;. squat nuclear transport: the body upright, feet shoulder width, hands simultaneously or alternately operate walnuts, while dribbling side squat stand, the speed is not too fast, can gradually according to their own circumstances; horse transport nuclear: the body upright, feet shoulder distance wide, followed squat into a horse.

Hand transport nuclear, one hand inserted in the waist, thumb backward, four point before when find it hard to change hands Rooster independence: the body's natural stand, first raised his right leg, thigh level, the leg drooping naturally, left hand over his head, palms up, to the right steers the walnuts. When find it hard to fall right leg, with the whole foot, while the walnut shift to the left hand, right hand over his head, palms up, to the left hand steers walnuts. tiptoe front row: hands alternately or simultaneously operate walnuts, while transport nuclear side to move forward, the heel off the ground while walking by the front feet touch the ground.

Thus, the benefits of walnut hand play may have enough performance from the practices, recommend friends who are interested can try a bold, not only can add to a form of entertainment, it can also derive effect of physical fitness, may He said to be a good way of health science methods.