Reflective powder

Reflective powder

Product description:

Reflective powder: white reflective powder, silver reflective powder

Applications: Widely used in screen printing, reflective paint, reflective ink, traffic signs, reflective materials.

Features: high resistance to oxidation, high temperature, good reflective effect.

Technical parameters: 1. Color: white / gray 2. refractive index: ND = 1.93 3. particle size: 150-500 mesh (25 micron -105 micron) 4. roundness: ≥93% 5. transparent rate ≥95% 6. Hardness (Mohs): 400 7. High temperature ≥850 ℃ 8. Density: 4.1 ± 0.2g / c㎡

A use: (printing method)

Aqueous printing method: reflective powder can be added directly to the aqueous slurry transparent, uniform tone (aid may be added to enhance the fastness), you can print, print.

Oily printing method one: reflective powder can be added directly to the varnish, even tone (aid may be added to enhance the fastness), you can print, print.

Oily silk Act II: can be added directly to the ink, made of reflective ink, silk screen or brush to the fabric or other items, the operation is simple and convenient to use, easy to grasp the amount of reflective brightness according to how much to add.

Oily printing method three: first primer printing paste - reflective top coat paste - drying curing reflective pulp preparation: according to the amount of how much, will be transferred into a paste with a solvent (cyclohexanone) was reflective powder weighed, then added to transparent printing paste, use a uniform tone. * When printing, printing thinner layer thickness to 30 microns -50 microns is appropriate to ensure that reflective powder can Banlu on the surface, resulting in better reflective effect can be based on use, using thickness ranging from particle size, make all kinds of reflective effect. (particle size range, reflective the better)

Second method: (spraying)

1. First reflective paint spray primer, usually with silver spray bottom, to be reflective primer dry, then spray-reflective finish. If the construction of the cement surface, the proposed two-reflective spray paint better

2. It is recommended to use W-71 guns (vents ¢ 1.50 mm) primer using a spray gun pressure about 2.0Kg / cm2, paint spray gun pressure about 3.0kg / cm2

3. Construction of the gun and the surface needs to be 450px, gun angle 45 °, paint layers were thin to obtain good effect. On unknown substrates, prior to try a small area

4. Do not rain and fog snow and other inclement weather under construction, will affect the fastness.

Note: 1. Before using the construction of the surface to be cleaned, the surface free of grease, dry reflective paint (silver slip) and reflective paint must be stirred evenly before 2. Construction; painting process to keep stirring to prevent precipitation reflective powder. .

The above technical parameters, the practical application of summary from various industries, for reference only. Please each user before use, you must first test their own proofing, before mass production after confirmation.