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Pressure Switch A30

Pressure Switch A30
  • Pressure Switch A30
Product code: 22591300001
Unit price: 12 CNY  (1.75 USD)
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Minimum order: 100
Other info: 10KG Black White
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T-Sense was established in August 2006 in Florida, is specialized in the production of pressure switches, pressure sensor design, manufacture
Providers. 2008 in Dong guan City, Guangdong Province, is the establishment of the factory, plant area of about 2000㎡, more than 200 employees (including injection molding plant) , with an annual output pressure
Switching 400000 or so, with an annual output of 10 million only water pressure switch, water level sensor 20 million sets.

T-Sense is a customer-oriented company with an annual R & D spending nearly 15% of total sales, customers Surprise is the T-Sense chase the target . Tense existing pressure switch production lines, can produce about 10-12 million, the production line of a pressure switch, a water level sensor production lines, monthly production capacity of approximately 3-5 million. T-Sense has all kinds of specialized testing equipment 20 sets / kits. A30 series is the company in 2006 developed a new type of precision air pressure switch, with features:

1, smaller, easy to machine and compact design;
2, triple sealed, airtight better and more accurate parameters;
3, the diaphragm split design, no bond issues;
4, arbitrary sampling port 45 degrees adjustable, perforated bit installation;
5, through the national laboratory validation, and CE authentication.
6, has two national patents, is a new generation of high-pressure switch;
7, the pressure range 20Pa-1250Pa stepless adjustable, maximum pressure up to 3000Pa;
8, differential (open close off pressure) has 12Pa, 20Pa, 30pa, optional;
9, positive and negative pressure are precise and reliable;
10, price (European technology and processes, domestic prices)