The Visitor Registration Machine

The Visitor Registration Machine

Product description:

Product parameters:

Scan components: CMOS optical resolution (dpi) : a 600 dpi.

Read the card data fast, accurate, intelligent identify id.

Scanning speed: normal scan id card time is less than 4 s. imaging window size 127 mm * 150 mm.

Industrial control host: the Mini ITX (17 * 17 cm) , low power consumption CPU, a general computer motherboards few shout all the function; Integration of integrated CPU motherboard, CPU, graphics, voice, network, such as TV sets.

Touch display: rotating 17.2 inch touch LCD screen; Beautiful and clean interface, intuitive and easy; Positioning accuracy: 2.0 MM; Response time: less than 16 milliseconds.

Cameras, CMOS sensor; Dynamic 5 million pixels; Frame rate: 150 frames/ SEC; Captured the image clear can argue, facilitate compared with certificates on the head, thus eliminating falsely use another id

Gun: barcode scanning mode: automatic continuous scanning, automatic scanning infrared. Visible laser: 650 nm; Article readable minimum 0.1 mm wide.

Thermal printer: printing methods: thermal printing; Printing speed is 150 mm/ SEC; The print width: 8 cm.

Built-in ultra-thin keyboard: pull the keyboard

Interface type: USB 2, TCP/ IP interface 2, 2 telephone line interface, a serial port 2.