Crane Hardened reducer

Crane Hardened reducer

Product description:

Crane Hardened reducer
Model : QY, QJY, QYD, QJYD

QY, QJY press JB / T10816-2007QYD, QJYD press JB / T10817-2007

QY series reducer include QYS type ( three-wheel ) and QYD type ( pedestal ) two series Hardened reducer crane. It has three, four and thirty-four bound three. Class reducer mainly used cranes relevant agencies, can also be used in metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials, transportation, textiles, paper, equipment, plastics, rubber, engineering machinery, energy and other industrial sectors.

Technical data:
1) Input speed ≤1500r / min
2 ) the peripheral speed of gear ≤20m / s.