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Portable packet machine

Portable packet machine
  • Portable packet machine
Product code: 22579600001
Unit price: 11-2013 CNY
Reference price: 1.6-292.58 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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GK26 Portable packet machine is a kind of seam seal the bag filled with goods designed for dedicated portable packet equipment as a single chain stitch. The machine can also be coupled with a dedicated frame sewn into a variety of paper and plastic bags of sewing equipment. portable aluminum structure, lightweight, durable and equipped with automatic cut- line agencies. this product is suitable for stitching filled cement, sugar, flour, grain, plastics and other products, all kinds of bags, such as kraft paper bags, sacks, plastic bags and so on .

The machine uses semi-enclosed structure, has a good dust effect, the important parts are made of quality aluminum, alloy steel, easy to wear pieces of specially treated, advanced design, mechanical solid, durable product .

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Planer structure : Direct drive type
Power Protection : Safe voltage