Taiwan work card Boutique packet machine (GK9-2) // thick slip pocket sewing machine / durable packet machine

Taiwan work card Boutique packet machine (GK9-2) // thick slip pocket sewing machine / durable packet machine

Product description:


Boutique GK9-2 packet machine, this machine sewing single chain stitch, with stitch appearance, packet firm, flexible, and easy unpacking having stable sewing performance, stitch neat, simple structure, easy maintenance , light weight, easy to operate, durable characteristics, can adapt to the different strands, the different seam seal the bag material is ideal for packet equipment.

GK9 packet type portable electric machine body is small, easy to carry, suitable for grain, sugar, salt, tea, cotton, herbs, chemicals, metal powders, mining, ports, telecommunications, logistics and other industries thick bags, slider bags, hard bags such as sacks, bags, paper bags, composite bags, canvas bags, Fumo bags and other packaging seal.

Packet Technical Specifications and technical parameters:
Maximum spindle speed (load): 9000 r / min ± 15%
The maximum possible sewing sewing material thickness: 8 mm (approximately four sacks)
Stitch distance: 5.5-8.5 mm adjustable
Needle Model: GK9 type 25-26
Use suture Size: 2 * 3/1 * 6 thread
Dimensions (L * W * H): 270 * 160 * 330 mm
Machine weight (with motors): approximately 4 kg
Motor Specifications: 220 volts.

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Package Type: bag
species: Crimping sealing machine
Packaging Materials: Automatic filling
use: Overpack
Product Category: Chemical Products
Status: Lump