Dual packet machine (GK9-25)

Dual packet machine (GK9-25)

Product description:


GK9-25 type portable two- packet machine, line double chain stitch, stitch strong and beautiful, easy disassembly, easy to operate, with a compact, lightweight, durable, easy to adjust and so on.
This machine is the laborers building materials, fertilizer, food, ports, warehouses, and other industries Sealing various bag sacks, paper bags, plastic mouth pocketed ideal preparation equipment .

All kinds of sewing machine factory outlets, GK9-2, GK9-18, GK9-25, GK26, trapeze brand sewing machine, sewing machine fly work card, duplex brand sewing machine, sewing machine, the Shanghai brand, sets the licensing sewing machine, single-line sewing machine, sewing machine wire, 36V safe voltage sewing machine, and sewing thread, all sewing machine parts, sewing machine maintenance.

model: GK9-25
specification: GK9-25