Taiwan work card GK6-88 multifunctional portable sewing machine / portable packet machine / best use of packet machine

Taiwan work card GK6-88 multifunctional portable sewing machine / portable packet machine / best use of packet machine

Product description:


Taiwan work card GK6-88 multifunctional electric packet machine gun, from the beginning of April 2013 full use of the new package, please pay attention, beware of imitations; efficient - durable - easy maintenance - Automatic cutting line - lightweight packet machine, most lightweight portable packet machine, most durable sewing machine, sewing machine is best to use, maintenance most convenient sewing machine, never scrapped packet machine, the packet has the following advantages:

• Light weight: Weight 2.5 kg

• speed: 1500-1700 stitches / minute

• Mechanical automatic trimming

• plastic handle, electrical safety

• noise: a belt-type operation

• full-featured: For different thickness thick slip stitched bags, sacks, Fumo bags, bags, flour bags, canvas bags, paper bags, woven bags and other difficult.

Machine size: 25 * 8 * 24CM

Packing size 292 * 215 * 285MM

Motor power 115W.

Belt Model 146-XL.

Needle type DP * 525/200

Thick slip pocket sewing difficult, GK6-88 to help you busy!

Taiwan work card GK6-88 multifunctional electric packet machine gun Features: This machine is packet innovative design of products, has the speed, reliability, good movement, completely changed the old models sport poor stability, mechanical wear, noise and other shortcomings. with low transmission structure, wear resistance, high reliability, light weight, good insulation properties, compact structure and other characteristics, can reduce labor intensity prolonged use.

Adjustable clamping force: When sewing the seam was different, adjust the clamping force size to achieve greater efficiency and extend component life.

Automatic cut line: no manual trimming at seam Albert, just bad to the inlet end of the line

2009 Guangzhou Wei Ming Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. developed the GK6-88 multifunction machine gun-type packets, brand (Taiwan work card), this machine performance than other domestic ordinary portable sewing machine stable times, for example, you currently more than 200 commercially available machines, using ordinary basic customer needs to overhaul three months time, our KG6-88 machine as long as you correct operation, normal maintenance, machinery used for several years is not a problem, need to be replaced during the belt , crochet, needle, and so common wearing parts, the machine would be tantamount to a new look, our machines do not like the traditional old-fashioned machine, or turbine drive, to a certain time you need to replace a turbine 100 yuan, now buy a new one machine almost, used friends all know, for the turbine is not only expensive, but also trouble, but not maintenance also can not replace, but we GK6-88 new sewing machine to use about a year only need to replace a belt on OK, simple, will People will be able to change with the screwdriver down.

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Thick packet slip pocket hard, bench work packet machine to help you busy

Brand: Bench work
Planer structure: Direct drive type
Power Protection: Safe voltage
species: Sewing machine