Taiwan work card GK6-88 packet machine multifunction double / double sewing / best bag packet machine

Taiwan work card GK6-88 packet machine multifunction double / double sewing / best bag packet machine

Product description:

GK6-88 multifunctional double packet machine gun, most lightweight portable packet machine, most durable sewing machine, sewing machine is best to use, maintenance most convenient sewing machine, sewing machine line the two-lane chain stitch, stitch strong and beautiful, easy disassembly, easy to operate, with a compact, lightweight, durable, and easy to adjust.

• Mechanical automatic trimming

• Light weight: Weight 2.5 kg

• noise: a belt-type operation

• speed: 1500-1700 stitches / minute

• plastic handle, electrical safety

• full-featured: For different thickness thick slip stitched bags, sacks, Fumo bags, bags, flour bags, canvas bags, paper bags, woven bags and other difficult.


1. This machine is a patented product packets innovative design, high speed, good movement reliability, completely changed the old models sport poor stability, mechanical wear, noise and large design flaws. With low transmission structure, wear resistance, reliability, light weight, good insulation properties, compact structure and other characteristics, can reduce labor intensity prolonged use.

2. The packet machine gauge adjustable range (4-9 mm)

3. The clamping force is adjustable: When sewing the seam was different, adjust the size of the pressing force, to achieve improved work efficiency and prolong component life.

4. Automatic cut line: no manual trimming at seam Albert, just bad to the inlet end of the line

GK6-88 packet multifunctional machine gun Technical Specifications:

1. Stitch: double chain

2. The pitch adjustment range: 4-9 mm

3. Needle Model: 24 # machine needles

4. Use the suture Size: 21 2 * 3 cotton

5. sewing speed: 1500-1700 stitches / min

6. Motor specifications: Voltage 220V, 115 watts of power, speed 7000 rpm / min

7. Machine size: 25 * 8 * 24CM

8. Net weight: 2.7 kg

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