DC test systems

DC test systems

Product description:

DC test systems

DC test systems are used to test components and complete systems found in electrical power supply systems and operating on DC voltage. POWERHV DC voltage test systems fulfill the requirements of IEC 60060-1.

The DC voltage test systems can be equipped with polarity reversal.


  • High-voltage DC testing for transformers, cables, bushings, switchgears, etc.
  • Wet and pollution testing
  • DC current measurements at high-voltage potential
  • For use indoors and outdoors or modular system for onsite testing
  • For test and research of DC transmission line corona, radio interference, pollution flashover.

Main components:

  • DC High Voltage Test System
    Series ZL

    up to 2400 KV
    up to 1 A
  • DC HV measuring system
    Series DZF
    DC voltage divider
    up to 2400 KV
  • Control system ( manual operation or computer-aided automatic systems)

Additional features and accessories:

  • Fast polarity reversal
  • Bipolar test systems
  • Controlled power supply to reduce voltage drop
  • Moveable design
  • made solution upon customer's request


1000kV 2A DC Test system for China Southern Power Grid Corporation Technical Center
1200kV 30mA DC Test System for SECRI
1600kV 2A DC Test Syetem for China Electric Power Research Institute
1600kV 2A DC Test System for China Electric Power Research Institute