PD Measuring Systems

PD Measuring Systems

Product description:

PD Measuring Systems

Designed for the measurement of partial discharges (PD) .Available as simple stand-alone measuring instruments but also as computer-aided highly sophisticated measuring and evaluation systems wit PD fault recognition and identification.

Main components

  • HV coupling capacitor and blocking impedance
  • Measuring impedance
  • PD measuring detector
  • PD calibrator

Additional features and accessories

  • HV PD injection system
  • PD fault location for cables
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor measuring instrument
  • Ultra-high frequency PD measurement
  • Acoustic measuring method
  • Multi-channel PD measuring device
  • Double pulse PD calibrator
  • Basic noise suppression, windowing and gating
  • Narrow-band amplifier
  • Frequency filters
  • Made solution upon customer's request


PPD2003 PD Detector