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RC-10 electric valve actuators, electric actuators

RC-10 electric valve actuators, electric actuators
  • RC-10 electric valve actuators, electric actuators
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RC series electric actuators are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, energy, building materials, pharmaceuticals, paper, water treatment, brewing, food processing, marine and building automation systems, etc. Typical applications and butterfly valves, ball valves, valve, plug valves and other rotary type valve supporting.
1, intelligent, proportional, switch type everything;

2, a single-phase power supply, external line is particularly simple;

3, the volume is only equivalent to similar products
About 35%;
4, a special copper alloy forging worm, high strength, good wear resistance;

5, only the equivalent weight of similar products
About 30%;
6, free fuel, free point inspection, waterproof rust installed at any angle;

7, bearings and electrical components imported brand-name products;

8, double limit, thermal protection, overload protection;

9, aluminum die-casting appearance, fine and smooth;

10, using a heat-retardant wire, heat aging, safe and reliable;

1500V pressure, special wire lock locking cable;
12, digital setting, display valve position value, mathematics tuning, highly detailed.

13, selectable torque:
50 N. M, 100N. M, 250 N. M, 500 N. M, 600N. M, 1000 N. M, 2000 NM (when ordering please choose)
14, can be equipped with ball valves: DN15-300, butterfly: Please select when DN50-600 (ordering
15 Power: 220V AC 50 / 60HZ, special consult the relevant departments