Electric three-way valve

Electric three-way valve

Product description:

First, the structural features and applications

Electric three-way valve is composed of RC series of intelligent actuators and three-way ball valve is a rotary type cutting regulating valves, having closed tight, compact, light weight, easy maintenance, etc. Widely used in gas, liquid and steam , oil and other corrosive media pipeline automation of control.

Two-way ball valve seat seal has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, good sealing performance. It can realize the pipeline medium flow switch also enables two mutually perpendicular passage or off.

Four way ball valve seat seal handsome in appearance, compact structure, it can not only realize the medium flow switch, three channels can also communicate with each other, now can be turned off any channel, so that the other two passage, flexible control pipeline medium mixing or diverting.

Second, the major technical indicators control module

Control accuracy: 0.1% to 3.1% adjustable.

Receives a control signal: 0 ~ 10mA.DC, 4 ~ 20mA.DC or 1 ~ 5V.DC

Key: 1, the input signal is interrupted: Interrupt 'mode (open, stop, off) 2, n-3 reverse action selection, control precision selection.

Electric device fully open, fully closed position automatic positioning calibration, easy and accurate.

Press the input signal and the electric device location intelligent automatic positioning adjustment step distance, the effect of high oscillation precision.

Output electric device location signal: 4 ~ 20mA.DC the corresponding electric device fully closed, fully open.

Third, the executive body

Type: RC series.

Technical parameters and performance: Refer to the actuator and positioner corresponding instructions.

Fourth, Ordering Information

1, Model

2, nominal diameter

3, nominal pressure

4, operating temperature range

5, the flow of the medium

6, flow capacity

7, the pressure difference

8, the sealing performance of the valve requires

9, special requirements