ZXQ2004C positioner

ZXQ2004C positioner

Product description:

This locator accept from the host instrument DC4-20mA / 1-5V DC Regulatory signals and lower electric actuator potentiometer ' Three-wire ' Signal output ' open ' and ' turn off ' Signal, the valve opening degree of control and regulation is widely used in the single-phase AC motors and actuators equipped with (such as angle valve actuators with linear electric actuator). It can be very convenient and RC , UNIC ,3410 ,3610 , NA , HQ , PSQ Consisting of different modulating valve actuator (throttle, baffle) drive.

Control accuracy: 0.1%-3.0% ( Adjustable) ;

Can be accessed by electric actuator feedback signal: potentiometer500Ω-10KΩ;

You can receive an external control signal ( DC ) : 4-20mA. Other input signal factory customization) ;

When the actuator can be set forward and reverse operation mode and the input signal is interrupted ' Interrupt ' Modal -OPEN ( open ) , STOP ( stop ) , SHUT ( close) ;

You can set whether to allow electronic braking;

SCR output: AC, 600V ,25A ;

Actuator position output signal: low drift output 4-20mADC Corresponding to the actuator fully closed to fully open, the signal is completely isolated from the input (optical isolation) ;

Ambient temperature: 0-70 ( Can be set ) ,humidity: ≤90% RH;

Over-temperature protection;

ZXQ2004C Dimensions: 62mm ( The bottom surface long ) X48mm ( Bottom wide ) X26mm ( high) ;

The actuators can correspond freely through the key input signal calibration operation section (generally calibrated to the electric actuator fully closed, fully open position) ;

Manually / Automatic bumpless switching;

Actuator stall detection and control function;

It can be set to allow to change the precision or retune time;

Password lock, to prevent misuse;

According to the input signal and the angular position of the actuator intelligent step away from the precise positioning adjustment;

With error code indicating the cause of failure;

Special requirements can be customized.