Window Screen Netting

Window Screen Netting

Product description:

Window screen netting

brand wire netting is used for industrial purposes, window doors and porches's guards, sieves, filters and other numberless purposes. We can provide wire netting made of various metals such as

    • Stainless Steel Wire Netting

    • Enamelled Iron Wire Netting

    • Galvanized Iron Wire Netting

    • Sprayed Aluminium Wire Netting

    • Aluminium Wire Netting

    • Plastic-Coated Iron Wire Netting
      Fiberglass Wire Netting

galv. iron wire netting is well known as its good quality, fine weaving, beautiful surface, especially for the blue finish color. Color of window screen netting: Blue &green for enamelled iron wire netting. Blue, green, dark green, white for plastic-coated iron wire netting. Optional according to client's requirement.