The solar cell module 1-250WP

The solar cell module 1-250WP

Product description:

The solar cell module 1-250WP

Performance of the solar cell module 1-250W

Solar / Solar module / solar PV / solar panels - my company

Our production of photovoltaic modules used in all famous domestic and foreign manufacturers of high-quality materials, glassy surface

Translucent glass made โ€‹โ€‹of high quality tempered glass, solar cell chip production for all of our company

High quality, high reliability A film silicon solar cells, other packaging materials are used in the country

Inside and outside our strict quality and after tests proved reliable material. Junction Box is the

Best quality waterproof dedicated PV module junction box, and passed the TUV certification. Strict

In accordance with IEC 61215 / GB / T 9535 standards for quality and reliable production and assembly.