Yunnan solar street lamp - green - Technology best price

Yunnan solar street lamp - green - Technology best price

Product description:

Yunnan solar street lamp - green - Technology best price

Yunnan solar street light Product Description

Yunnan solar lights consists of the following components: solar panels, batteries, solar street lighting special controller, light source and light poles.

Yunnan solar lights solar energy, charging during the day, night lighting, without complex and expensive pipeline laying, the layout can be adjusted lighting, no security risk, its cost-effective, energy-saving non-consumption, environmental protection, stable performance, long life , easy installation, automatic control of the inherent characteristics of maintenance and other applicable apply to highway, road, rural roads and other public places, street lighting, etc. Designs using metal, plastic and other materials made of, clean, nice, clean and clear. More product modeling, nice, but also for various types of custom shape solar lights.

Yunnan solar lights advantages:

1. Easy to install solar lights: solar lighting installation when, without laying a complex line, just do a cement base, then with stainless steel screws.

2. Solar lighting without electricity: solar lighting is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, long-term benefit.

3. Solar lighting is no security risk: Solar lighting is low voltage products, safe and reliable operation.

4. easy to install. Maintenance-free.

5. The national energy saving and environmental protection in line with environmental protection requirements in response to the new energy requirements.

6. enhance the image of urban management. Establish energy-saving and new energy city banner.

7. Solar lights is an automatic control system of work, simply set the operating mode of the system will automatically run the job.

Technical Parameters:

Solar panels: monocrystalline or polycrystalline

Solar panel power: 35-180W

Solar panel life: 25 years

Battery: High maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, solar energy gel batteries buried

Battery capacity: 12V 38-200Ah

Output power: DC12V 30-180W

Source: low pressure sodium lamp, energy saving lamps, LED

Control system: microcomputer intelligent control, anti-overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection and output brightness automatically based on open, turn off the lights, with light control overtime control function.

Use of the environment: -30 ℃ -60 ℃

Lighting time: working 5-10 hours a day, it can work for 3-5 rainy days.

Light Height: 4-13 m