Rural dedicated solar lighting

Rural dedicated solar lighting

Product description:

Rural - farm dedicated to save money solar lighting (Yunnan Production)

You can indoor and outdoor lighting, unique waterproof design, eliminating the need for you to pull wire, wiring troubles;

A variety of installation, plug, the nail wall, nail stakes are on; Villa lighting, lighting are very good; energy-saving, environmentally friendly!

If installed in the lantern, decorate the atmosphere without electricity, it is for all to enjoy and tasting! Red lanterns hung up, feeling every day, New Year '!

1. Solar board: 1.5-2W, life 15--20 years;

2. Battery: 1500mAh * 3 NI-Mh rechargeable batteries, life 2--3 5 years; battery can replace your own!

Continue to re-use 2 - 3.5 years, GO ON!

Because this depends on the frequency of use, and proper maintenance, the battery can be used longer!

3. Source: High brightness LED bulb, 14-20LEDs / Lamp; life of more than 10 years;

4. package 'with cable and holder, switch'; simple to installeasy to plug & play; plug and play;

5. A LED lamp brightness arrived on about 5-10W 10-40W incandescent or energy-saving lamps;

Because different lamp has a different design, some in order to prevent glare, designed to scrub; some are for brighter, using a glass floodlight!

! 6. Full waterproof design sophisticated control circuit, single-chip processing;

7. Charging a day, can light more than 8 hours;

WHY long time point because these lights are dependent on work days will be able to work well;? Winter and summer are not the same light, light Beijing and Ningxia are not the same; it is not a unified lighting time!

8. An LED lamp can be arrived too 5-10W energy saving lamps, can be used for about 10-20 square meters of space lighting;

We have a variety of styles, suitable for a variety of occasions and uses!