Yunnan solar street light wholesale price

Yunnan solar street light wholesale price

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Solar street price

Solar power is one of the latest acceptable photovoltaic power generation equipment, and its main equipment including solar panels, solar power controller, solar inverter, solar batteries, which the solar panel price is the highest, accounting for almost Half the cost of the entire solar generators even more, while in the off-grid home solar power system, solar batteries also accounted for more of the costs, but there is a solar cell cycle life, usually need 3--5 years for replacement .

Solar power is currently the most widely used solar lights, especially in China Beijing, Yunnan and other places with better conditions of solar radiation, but with the decline in the price of solar panels, solar street nearest the price fall, but also to promote their In road lighting applications.

Our Yunnan Poly-Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in solar power, solar power systems, solar street lights professional manufacturers, has production plants in Kunming, Southwest China and Southeast Asia mainly serving customers. We are committed to help reduce the cost of solar cells, reduce solar electricity prices, especially the price of home solar power, solar power and strive to develop the Southeast Asian market.