Yunnan mining lighting wholesale prices

Yunnan mining lighting wholesale prices

Product description:

Yunnan Industrial Lighting (Poly-Technology) in the quality and credibility of the first, user-oriented purposes. The quality of survival, to be effective management of creed, dedication to new and old customers to provide quality services.

In recent years, many domestic manufacturers of mining equipment Lighting competition to survive, develop, be attributed to the new and old customers and friends from various circles of love and support. (Poly-technology) staff to extend my sincere thanks to you!

Yunnan Industrial Lighting (poly-technology) companies Release 24W LED bulbs, E27 screw directly replace traditional 85W energy-saving lamp, or 150W incandescent bulbs. Recommended installation height 3-4 meters.

One of the advantages, customers can keep the plant inside the original mining lamp, direct replacement light source, or from the distribution of about 50 yuan / sets of shade.

Compared 30W LED mining lamps, hundreds of thousands Price. Yunnan Industrial Lighting (poly-technology) has introduced the 420 yuan / set 24W LED light bulb is the best choice you make for mining energy conservation.

The advantages of the two, the cooling effect is good, long life, light is small, light packages using multiple satellites, soft light. Affordable, convenient alternative advantages.