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LED lights thermal design / Kunming led lights lawn lamp sales

LED lights thermal design / Kunming led lights lawn lamp sales
  • LED lights thermal design / Kunming led lights lawn lamp sales
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Traditional LED lights designed primarily designed to focus on the LED's lumens, while the heat LED lamps are of less concern. In fact, LED lumens number is rapidly increases. Lumens single watt LED mass production in 2006 has reached 50 lumens, but this value is rising fast with the corresponding heat transfer theory system has matured, we can use heat transfer means basically clear: conduction, convection, radiation and phase change heat transfer Accordingly, the heat or cooling problem, the measures we can take is visible, limited. needle radiator
LED lights cooling technology, generally used mostly for thermal plate mode, is a 5mm thick copper, in fact, be average temperature board, the average temperature of the heat out; also the installation of a heat sink to dissipate heat, but the weight of too much weight in the street lighting system. on the very important, because there are nine meters high street, if too much risk is increased, especially typhoons, earthquakes may produce unexpected domestic manufacturers have adopted the world's first needle-cooling technology, thermal efficiency radiator to needle than the traditional tabular radiator is greatly improved, enabling the LED junction temperature lower than conventional heat sink above 15 ℃, and waterproof performance is better than ordinary aluminum radiator, while the weight and volume improvements.
LED lights cooling methods are: natural convection cooling, install a fan forced cooling, heat pipes and loop heat pipe heat dissipation install a fan forced cooling mode system complexity, low reliability, heat pipes and loop heat pipe cooling method costly and streetlights have. outdoors at night, radiating surface located above and in size advantages side air natural convection is limited in favor of smaller, etc., so as to select LED lights recommendation natural convection cooling.
LED lights in thermal design problems are: the cooling fin area arbitrarily set, cooling fins arrangement unreasonable, lamps radiating fins are arranged without taking into account the luminaire usage, affect the play fin effect, emphasizing the heat conduction links, links neglect convection, although many of the manufacturers to consider a variety of measures: heat pipes, loop heat pipes, plus thermal grease, etc., but did not realize that the heat will eventually have to rely on the external surface area of ​​lamps scattered away, ignored Transfer the balance, if the temperature distribution fin Uneven, which will result in a portion of the fin is not functioning or very limited role