Product description:

Wedge Clamp

Installation and removal are easy. After installing the strand clamp, clamp the outlet end of the head and bearing

Line of galvanized iron wire tied to the 8th or the use of strand clamps will end at the tangent point is fixed .

UT wedge -shaped Clamp

Cable tower cable during installation or operation, shall adjust the cable tension, so that balance. Distaff nearby cable for ease of installation or adjustment, shall be adjustable cable clamp at the lower end of the cable protruding. PULL adjustment available turnbuckles or wedge -shaped clamp UT, but with turnbuckles to adjust the cable. wedge clamp UT has a wedge -shaped mother, wedges and a certain adjustment range of long U -shaped screw components. the clamp to fix the cable, but also used to adjust the cable length. this clamp is suitable for installation Model GJ-25-70 of galvanized steel .

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