Product description:


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K05 Model Selvage Insect Screening Mesh Weaving Machine is a kind of light-duty insect screen mesh weaving machine developed by the skillful and experienced Fuhua people to meet the requirement of China and global market. This type of selvage insect screen weaving machines have been exported to Thailand and other parts of the world and are well received by the users.

Production Scope of K05 Model Selvage Insect Screening Mesh Weaving Machine:

Wire mesh opening: from 8mesh to 24mesh with selvage
Roll width of wire mesh: 1m, 1.22m, 1.52m

Features of K05 Model Selvage Insect Screening Wire Mesh Weaving Machine:

  • simple construction
  • easy use
  • easy maintenaince
  • smooth operation
  • higher production efficiency at lower consumption of materials
  • lower noise
  • uniform opening of wire mesh and flat surface
  • automatic selvage at two sides

How it works:

K05 Model Selvage Insect Screening Mesh Weaving Machine is powered by 0.8 KW electric motors. It is run by buttons, including start button, touch-to-go button, stop button and reverse button. This type of fly screen mesh weaving machine automatically stops working in response to broken wires, warp or weft.